February 12, 2007

Build a School for a Dollar News!

As you can see from the tally above, the total for the Build a School project has topped US$13,000. Wow! Jackie is thrilled! Here are the photos we sent to him in Los Angeles, where he is filming Rush Hour 3:

[Remember Jackie's Flat Stanley project? The above drawings are from
Miss Quinn, the teacher who sent Stanley our way!]




February 10, 2007

Jackie's Chinese New Year Contest

Although there are no more calendars left, we are happy to see that fans are still sending in their drawings! Don't forget - when the Chinese New Year arrives, we will show Jackie all of your cards. There's plenty of time to make your New Year card. Just click here to find out how. Click Cliff's piggy below to see all the new designs:


February 7, 2007

Jackie's Chinese New Year Contest News

We have shipped the calendars for the Chinese New Year Contest - thanks to everyone who sent in a card. We will continue to post the cards until February 15th, so please send yours in! If yours appears after today, you won't receive a calendar, but Jackie will see your card when we show him the web page.

Congratulations to everyone who will receive a calendar and a special congratulations to those who receive one that is autographed. You have a one-in-ten chance of winning one of the autographed calendars. Please let us know if you are one of the winners. The autographed calendars were sent out randomly, so we don't even have a list of those of you who won them!

There are new cards at our Chinese New Year Card page, so click here to see them.



February 5, 2007

Chinese New Year Page Updated

On February 18, 2007 the Chinese welcome the Year of the Pig. The Kids Corner Chinese New Year page has new information and lots of fun things to do! Click here to see.


February 4, 2007

Valentine's Day Coloring Page from Petra

Valentine's Day is on February 14th, so we've come up with a clever coloring project you can make. Here's our "Jackie of Hearts" for you to color in. Click on Jackie to see!

More Drawings for Jackie's Happy New Year Contest

Thanks to everyone who has submitted an entry for Jackie's Happy New Year contest. There is still plenty of time to send in your card, so don't worry. Please be sure to send your address if you want to receive a calendar and remember, only one calendar per address or family. We want everyone to have a chance to receive a beautiful calendar from Jackie. Five of the calendars have been autographed by Jackie and they will be sent randomly. That means that everyone has the same chance of winning one of the autographed calendars. To see all the cards, click here.


January 29, 2007

Jackie's Happy New Year Contest

Wow! We have already received a total of 45 Happy New Year cards for Jackie from countries all over the world. Since some of the entries come from the same family, we have plenty of calendars left. Calendars will be sent out once the contest ends on February 15th or when we get 50 households that have sent in entries (whichever comes first). Have a look at the latest New Year's cards for Jackie.


January 26, 2007

Updates to Kids Corner

There are lots of updates to the Kids Corner! New drawings at the Art Gallery and of course lots of great New Year's cards for Jackie.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in a card and thanks for following directions. It sure makes our job easier! Wow! Everyone has been providing names and addresses, so we'll have no trouble sending out calendars. Remember, one out of ten of the calendars will be autographed so cross your fingers and wish for good luck.

Note: Only one calendar will be sent to each person or address. If you have several members of your family entering the contest, we will only send one calendar. We think this is the fair thing to do.


January 22, 2007

Cool Dog of the Day

Bonnie, the Cool Dog from Chile, sent a greeting after
she saw the photos of Jonesie and JJ. Here's what she had to say:
"Hello Mister Jackie Chan, my name  is  Bonnie. I wanted to tell that my Master saw the pictures about your dogs, and took this photo for me, I hope that you enjoy it!"

Have you seen the photos of Jonesie and JJ? Here's a sample:

You can see the rest of the puppy photos by clicking on Jones.


New Coloring Projects from Petra

Here's Jackie doing a traditional Dragon Dance. To color in your own,
visit Jackie's Coloring Pages!


There are also many more additions to the Chinese New Year Contest. Click here to see them all!

January 18, 2007

Jackie's Happy Chinese New Year Contest

Click to see all the entries!

Jackie's contest is off to a great start! However, some fans are sending in their entries without sending their postal mailing addresses. We have alerted these fans, but in the future, we will not be able to. If you send in an entry without your full name and proper postal mailing address, you won't receive a calendar - even if you're eligible. Sorry! So please, if you enter the contest, send your name and address like this:

Jonesie Chan
123 China Path
Bronx, NY 10000 USA

Not like this:

Jonesie Chan 123 China Path Bronx, NY 10000 USA

or like this:

My Name: Jonesie Chan
My Address: 123 China Path
This is My City!! Bronx, NY
10000 USA

The idea is to make it easy and quick for us to copy and paste your address onto a mailing list. Thanks for helping! We will send calendars to the first 50 fans who send a reasonable entry for the contest. [Unfortunately, some people send some scribble on a paper just to get a calendar. That won't work for this contest.]


Build a School Total Jumps to US $12,600

Thanks to all the fans who sent money to Jackie for the Build a School project in honor of the Christmas holiday. A special thank you to the Korean Jackie Chan Fan Club (Unofficial) who sent another packet full of donation drawings (they send on a regular basis). You can read about some of the people who donate at the Dragon's Heart Helpers page. But don't forget, for every story you read, there are 10 or 100 more that you never hear about because we can't post everyone's letters. The webmaster reads them all, however, and tells Jackie what they say!

So thank you to everyone who has donated a dollar or a hundred dollars. To the German woman who donates every single month, to the little boy in the US who gave up his allowance for several months to donate it to the project, to the people who send money to our office anonymously, to all the kids and adults who create beautiful drawings to send along with their money - a big thank you!!

Here are the most recent donations. We sent these photos to Jackie in Los Angeles:

All of the drawings sent to the Build a School project are being preserved and will become part of a display in the future. (It was Jackie's idea!)

January 16, 2007

"Her money will build the most precious school in the world and her drawing will give the students hope and love."

Click here to read all about Alan from Korea - a man who made a promise to Jackie and kept true to his word!

German Martial Arts Club Raises Money for Jackie

Click here to read all about it!

Chinese New Year Contest Notice

Please make sure to send your postal mailing address when you send in your entry (either by email or regular post). If you are one of the first 50 entrants, you will receive a calendar, but we can't send it if you don't give us your address! Thanks.

January 15, 2007

Wow! Jackie's fans have already started sending in their colorful and creative Happy New Year drawings. Click on Matty's (below) to see them all:


January 13, 2007

Jackie wants you to paint him a picture to help celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year - the Year of the Pig! The first fifty entries will receive a beautiful calendar. Click here for all the details.


January 12, 2007

Build A School Helpers from the Netherlands

Read an inspiring story about a woman who brought Jackie's Build a School for a Dollar project to children in her neighborhood. Read all about the hard work and caring that went into raising money to help poor children in China get an education.

Kitty from the Netherlands teaches students about Jackie's Build a School Project. To read more, click here.


January 9, 2007

Guess the Prop Contest Winner

In one of Jackie's recent diaries, we asked fans to guess which prop Jackie was holding in this photo:

Hundreds of people responded with their guesses and about three quarters of them were correct. We took all the names, put them in a hat, and pulled out a winner. And the winner is.....Caroline Baker! Congratulations to Caroline and thanks to everyone who entered our contest. Here's what Caroline won - an autographed call sheet from Rush Hour 3:

Here are some photos of Jackie with the prize:

Caroline, please send email to the webmaster to claim your prize!


Build a School for a Dollar Donations

Thanks to everyone who sent in a donation in the last few weeks - our total is now over US$11,500. Here are the photos we sent to Jackie in Los Angeles so he can see the latest donations:

Along with the donations there were, of course, many beautiful drawings and letters. We will try to feature some of your stories in the future. Although donations have slowed down, we still encourage you to continue to support the project. Some fans donate each month and others send money when they have some extra. You can donate more than once! Jackie is so thrilled with the project and talks about it all the time. He thanks you from the bottom of his heart (that's what he said) for your caring.

Christmas Presents

During the holiday season Jackie gets lots of gifts from fans all over the world. He wants to thank each and every one of you for your gifts and cards, and especially for your holiday donations to his charities. Here's a photo we sent to Jackie showing some of the lovely cards and gifts which were delievered to the Kids Corner. (Don't worry if you don't see your gift or card - most of the mail doesn't come to the Kids Corner!) Jackie sends a big thank you to everyone!

[Note from Kath: Thank you to everyone who sent a card or gift to me for Christmas. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!]




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