May 29, 2002

Even MORE pages have been added to Jackie's Shanghai Knights diaries on his official web site. Click here to go to Jackie's official site and then just click on one of the calendar days to read the diaries.

May 28, 2002

Jackie has added new diary entries to his official site. Click here to read the latest from Jackie. If you'd like to read Willie Chan's letter to Jackie's fans, click here.

May 25, 2002

For those of you who watched ET and didn't see Jackie, you're not alone. The program guide stated that Jackie would appear, but it would seem that he didn't. Check back for updates.



COMING SOON! Several really cool additions to the Kids Club web site. Check back in the middle of next week for some AWESOME stuff! And remember....if you have any ideas for the web site (maybe you would even like to WRITE something!!!) contact the web master at


May 24, 2002

Entertainment Tonight is going to be having a "first look" at Shanghai Knights tonight (Friday, May 24, 2002). They will be interviewing Jackie from the movie set. Check your local listings for time.



May 23, 2002


(Actually, Willie's birthday was yesterday, May 22....sorry for the goof.)

Click here to see some beautiful photos of Jackie accepting his Taurus Award. Scroll down and see shots of the locations where Shanghai Knights is being filmed.

May 22, 2002

Congratulations to Jackie for winning the 2002 Taurus Honorary Award for Acting in Action Films. Jackie accepted the award via satellite from Prague where he is filming Shanghai Knights.

Click here to see a photo of Jackie accepting his award.

Congratulations also to the JC Stunt Team for receiving three awards for Rush Hour 2. They received awards for Best Fight, Best High Work, and Best Specialty Stunt.

In other news, The Accidental Spy is going to be released straight to video in mid-August.

The Tuxedo, scheduled to premier on August 16th, has been given a PG-13 rating.

Chapter 4 of Jackie's Shanghai Knights diary is up on the official web site. Read it here.



May 18, 2002

Alas, Jackie did not win a Daytime Emmy award for The Jackie Chan Adventures. (But there's always next year!)


Check out the new addition to the Art Gallery here....and thanks to Sean for his contribution. Remember....the Art Gallery is for ALL KINDS of art...not just works on paper.


May 16, 2002

A new book about Jackie is due out in August. The title is "The Unauthorized Jackie Chan Encyclopedia : From Project A to Shanghai Noon and Beyond" by John Corcoran. Also premiering in August is The Tuxedo.

Actor Contstantine Gregory has been added to the cast of Shanghai Knights. He will play the Mayor of New York.


In order to keep up with anything that has been added to the Kids Club web site, look for the arrow (above) that says "New" here on the Latest Jackie News page. Whenever anything new is added to the site, there will be an announcement and a link. Now you won't miss anything new that appears on the site!

New today:

A new page has been added to the Jackie Chan Art Gallery. View the new drawings here.

Read about the amazing Japanese artist Keiji Takamatsu (the man who drew the cartoon that skates around the opening page at here.

In case anyone has bookmarked the Home Page and not the intro page, have a look at the little skating Jackie here.

May 15, 2002

Jackie will receive the 2002 Taurus Honorary Achievement Award For Acting in Action Films via live satellite from Prague. As an actor and martial artist, receiving an honorary lifetime achievement as an actor in action films at the World Stunt Awards is like receiving an Academy Award. "I am very proud and very grateful," said Jackie. Congratulations! Another award for Jackie!!



May 9, 2002

Read Jackie's diary on his official web site: It is a very intimate, detailed account of the time that Jackie has spent on the set of Shanghai Knights.


May 5, 2002

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Big news: the official Shanghai Knights web site is up and running. Jackie is writing an on-set diary during the filming of the movie and two entries are posted at the web site. Also at the site you'll find a short summary of what the movie is about.

May 4, 2002

Breaking news! has announced the release date for Shanghai Knights as December 13th! Of course, these dates often change, so keep track at

Nothing new from the Prague set of Shanghai Knights.


May 3, 2002

Here's a photo of Jackie on the set of Shanghai Knights enjoying some very fancy food! (Photo: stareastnet)

In other news, Premiere Magazine has named Jackie #85 on their "2002 Power List" of the 100 most influential people in Hollywood. Congratulations to Jackie!

(Thanks to Marie for supplying the latest news.)

May 1, 2002

All quiet on the Jackie Front. He's still in Prague, Czech Republic filming Shanghai Knights, sequel to Shanghai Noon. Here are links to what appears to be a "film decor" web site. Reportedly, these are photos of the sets of Shanghai Knights:

(Thanks to Marie for forwarding me these links)