September 27, 2002


September 26, 2002

The Tuxedo page has a few new additions today, so check it out.

Jackie has been in New York City all week doing the promotional tour for The Tuxedo. He's been appearing on all the daytime talk shows and was on MTV's Total Request Live yesterday afternoon and Late Night with Conan O'Brien last night. When he appears on these shows, he always wears his Chinese clothes and has his hair held back with sunglasses. Jackie's hair is being kept long in anticipation of the styles he'll need for Around the World in Eighty Days.

On the talk shows, Jackie consistently mentions his desire to be taken more seriously as an actor. He says that when people think of Jackie Chan they think of kung fu and action. He says that when people think of Robert DiNiro they think of acting. He wants to be known for his acting abilities.

Jackie talks about learning how to dance and sing in the style of James Brown for the movie. He tells the story of how he prepared James Brown's "I Feel Good" only to be told that the song was being replaced by "Sex Machine." He laughs while telling these stories.

Jackie appears to be enjoying the press junket, although it would be hard to keep up this pace for very long. Jackie is heading back to Los Angeles and will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno next week. It's no wonder that Jackie refers to film making as his "vacation."

In other news.....

Who is this woman and why does she have all that candy? Click here to read about Wendy Loh, a Hawaiian woman who raises money for charity, including The Jackie Chan Foundation.


September 24, 2002

Oops! This reporter made a goof when she stated (below) that there had been NO entries from Kids Club members for the Jackie Wants To Be A Jedi contest. Apologies to Kids Club member Shane and, come to think of it, a few others as well. What this perpetually confused reporter meant to write was that there had been no entries in the REGULAR mail from Kids Club members. Back to Journalism class for her!

Jackie made an appearance on The Regis and Kelly Show this morning in New York City. He talked about his desire to change his image from Jackie The Action Star to Jackie The Actor. He looked healthy and happy - he was wearing a gray Chinese jacket, a white shirt, brown shoes and pants, and he had his loooong hair pushed back with sunglasses. When Kelly commented on his improved command of the English language, Jackie credited American music, particularly country music. Click here to go to and read a transcript of the show plus to see some screenshots.

There have been updates made to The Tuxedo News page, so check that out! Also...don't forget about the Jackie Wants To Be A Jedi contest! There's still a week left before entries are due. So far there have been NO entries from Kids Club members! Look:

Now kids, you don't want to make the Fan Club president sad, do you? So get your entries in!!!!! There are fun prizes and all the entries will be forwarded to Hong Kong so Jackie can see them personally.

September 23, 2002

The Kids Club Tuxedo page has loads of new information and links. Click here to check it out.

There are a few stories about Around The World in Eighty Days posted on the Monkeypeaches site. Keep in mind that Hong Kong media are famous for printing stories before they can be verified.

September 21, 2002

Hey....check this out! The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids web site has been awarded the Golden Web Award (2002-2003) for "web design, originality, and content that have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition." Only the best for Jackie!


The E! Online Celebrity Question and Answer segment starring Jackie Chan is online. Click here to read it at the source or click here to read the questions on the Kids Club site (there are links to other Jackie Q&A features here). The question from "jackiechanfan" is the one posted by the Kids Club.

Hey kids (and everyone else) - don't forget the "Jackie Wants to be a Jedi" contest. Willie Chan, Jackie's manager, loved the idea of the contest and can't wait to see the results! So get out your crayons or your Adobe Photoshop and get to work. All entries must be received via email by October 1st or regular mail postmarked by October 1st. Click here for all the info.

September 20, 2002

The Tuxedo premiered in Hollywood, California last night. Click here to see photos from the event. A very happy looking Jackie is seen smiling, waving around a cardboard "Jackie face," and giving his trademark double peace sign. There were many celebrities there including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Claire Forlani (Jackie's "Highbinders" co-star), Shiri Appleby, and Ming Na. The Tuxedo opens in the US on September 27.


September 18, 2002

Since there are so many photos of Jackie touring the baseball fields of the United States, the Kids Club webmaster has collected as many of these pics together to make them easier to look at. Click here to see Jackie playing baseball from Massachusetts to California! Don't forget to visit the Kids Club Tuxedo page for all the latest Jackie Tuxedo news!!!!

September 17, 2002

Click here to see great new pics of Jackie in Boston, Detroit, and Texas. Jackie's official web site is keeping pace with all of JC's promotional easy task!

September 16, 2002


Click here to see the latest addition to the Kids Club web site - photos from New York City's Chinatown. Thanks to Kids Club member Stephanie who requested more photos of Chinatown after seeing the "Chinatown McDonald's" photo in the Totally Fun Jackie Stuff section.

There are also several new postcards in the member and non-member postcard section. Click here for the Kids Club postcard section.

September 15, 2002

Is it possible that Jackie is planning a career as a baseball player??? Well, probably not...but that didn't stop him from throwing the opening pitch at three separate baseball games on three different dates: 9/12, 9/13, and 9/14. Click here for the link to see all kinds of pics of Jackie the Baseball Player.

Jackie is in the midst of a promotional tour for The Tuxedo and will be making many television appearances. Click here for a listing of scheduled appearance. The list will be updated as information surfaces. Thanks to Marie M. for compiling the list! Click here for The Tuxedo's information page which will also be updated as new stuff appears.

September 12, 2002

Jackie is in the US right now doing publicity for The Tuxedo. He turned up on The Rick Dees Radio Show. Click here to listen to the entire interview! During this interview, he mentioned that while in Los Angeles, he filmed a skit for Mad TV.

Jackie was in Arlington, Texas (heads up all you Texans) today throwing out the first pitch of a baseball game between the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners! Here are two photos from REUTERS/Jeff Mitchell :


In case you're wondering why Jackie's hair is so long....according to his official web site, Jackie is keeping his hair long in preparation for the hairstyles necessary for filming Around the World in Eighty Days.

Jackie is making the rounds of all the talk shows and it seems he'll be heading for New York City in two weeks. He's scheduled to appear on The Regis and Kelly Show (Tuesday Sept 24 NBC 9 am EST) and on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Wednesday, Sept 25 (11:35 pm EST). Both of these shows tape in New York. Unfortunately, there are no tickets available for either show.

Heads Up Kids! is sponsoring a contest where you can win tickets to The Tuxedo screenings! Click here to enter the contest. If the screenings aren't taking place in your city, you can enter to win prizes instead.

Remember to keep checking back at The Tuxedo's official site...they're adding new things all the time.

September 10, 2002

With just over two weeks until the opening of The Tuxedo, the Kids Club web site has devoted a section to the movie. Click here to find out the latest news and to see some beautiful photos from the movie.

September 9, 2002


Check out the newest addition to the Kids Club web site - information about Jackie's music! Click here to see it.

In keeping with his usual ways, Jackie is using his spare time to do work for charity. His latest contribution consists of a hand decorated popcorn container which reads: "Let's all give a helping hand." Here are some photos from Jackie's official site which show him decorating his contribution:

All photos ©2002 The JC Group

Jackie's Official Site is at


September 8, 2002

Below are two photos which accompany a nice article about Jackie which you can read by clicking here.



Just a reminder:

You can enter the "Jackie Wants to be a Jedi" contest for several more weeks. Click here for details.

The Kids Club has purchased more spaces on the GuestMap so many more people can add their names. Why not add yours? It's a great way to see where Jackie's fans are all over the world!

Click below to add your name! It's TOTALLY don't have to give your last name or your email address. It's all for fun.


September 4, 2002

Calling all Kung Fu Kids (and other martial artists)!!! At the official Tuxedo web site, there is a pop-up screen describing a Martial Arts demonstration led by Jackie Chan which will take place before the Tuxedo preview at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on September 19, 2002. Anyone who takes place in the demonstration (which is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED) will be given a ticket to see the movie that night. So if you're a martial artist and will be in the area on September 19, sign up! Note: Space is limited, so sign up right away. If you visit the site and there's no pop up screen, try this link:

In other news, E! Online is taking questions for a cyber-chat with Jackie. Deadline for posting questions is September 9. The questions and answers will be posted on September 23. Click here for more details.

There's a new addition to the Jackie Chan Art Gallery! Thanks to Kids Club member Kimberly who submitted her awesome coloring project for the Gallery. Click here to see it.

September 3, 2002

The winner of the Kids Club "Design a Magic Tuxedo" contest is club member Sean Page from Australia. Congratulations to Sean and thanks to everyone who sent in an entry. The drawings and essays were awesome! Click here to see Sean's winning entry.