June 28, 2002

Ain't It Cool News reports that the crew of Shanghai Knights has been spotted filming in London. According to their report, Jackie and the rest will be in England for only a short time. They are filming at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Shanghai Knights is due out at the end of 2002.


Not really news, but it's important:

Hey kids! The Kids Club web site would like to know more about the kids who are visiting the site, so here's what we'd like you to do: send a postcard with a picture of YOUR town to the address below and it will be included in a special feature on the web site. Your last name will not be used....just your first name, the name of your town, and the picture from your postcard. Members of the Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids have already started mailing in their cards....why not contribute one too? Let's let Jackie see where his fans live! Mail your postcard to:

The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids

P.O. Box 556

Peconic, NY 11958 USA

(You don't have to be a club member to mail in a postcard. Also...you don't have to be a kid - just a regular visitor!)

June 26, 2002

The official Tuxedo web site has been updated a bit. Click here to visit. The Tuxedo is scheduled to be released on October 11, 2002.

Great news! The Kids Club logo and link has been put up on Jackie's official site!!!! Also at www.jackiechan.com you can read the latest updates to Jackie's diary. There are even new pictures to look at!

According to Variety Jackie will be starring in a remake of the old favorite film "Around the World in 80 Days." The original starred David Niven. According to Variety the script will be rewritten and "the new version will focus on Passepartout (Chan), who after stealing a valuable jade Buddha, seeks refuge with London gentleman inventor Phileas Fogg." Should be fun.

Jackie is still busy filming Shanghai Knights. After wrapping up filming in Prague, Jackie heads to England and then to Canada for additional location shots.


June 20, 2002

Want to read a really cool interview that a young reporter did with Jackie Chan? Click here!

June 19, 2002

Recently some members of the Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids visited the Chinatown in Jackie Chan Fan Land. They saw some AMAZING sights. Click here to read all about it!*

*Note: Okay there is no such place as "Jackie Chan Fan Land." It exists only in the imagination of your humble fan club president. It's all fiction....but really fun, so READ THE STORY!!!

June 8, 2002

A new piece of artwork has been added to the Jackie Chan Art Gallery Two. Click here to see the awesome handiwork of Kids Club member Callie. The Tuxedo's official web site is online. Check out the newest poster for the movie:

Poster ©2002 DreamWorksLLC

Click here to view the official Tuxedo web site

According to the web site, the movie will premier on October 11, 2002. No word yet on why the August date has been changed.


June 7, 2002


One of the goals of The Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids is to increase children's knowledge of Chinese culture. In that spirit, a wonderful story has been added to the web site. It is a Chinese tale which was illustrated by a group of second graders from Texas. Club president Katharine Schroeder worked with Texas teacher (and Jackie Chan fan) Sue Clayton to produce this beautifully illustrated story. Click here to read The Tale of the Trusty Tiger.

In other news, Jackie's official diary has been updated to May 25th. Click here to go to Jackie's official site and read the diary.


June 4, 2002

Rush Hour 2 has won the MTV Movie Award for BEST FIGHT. Chris Tucker accepted the award since Jackie is filming in Prague. Once again, congratulations to Jackie, Chris, and all the Stunt Team members!


Some strange things have been going on in the garden of Fan Club President Katharine Schroeder. Click here to have a look.

Chris Tucker photo source: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?g=events/en/060202mtvmovie&a=&tmpl=sl&e=15&l=&ns=

June 2, 2002

Jackie's official web site (www.jackiechan.com) has published some TOTALLY AWESOME photos of Jackie, Owen Wilson, and many other people from the set of Shanghai Knights. The photos were taken by Jackie's assistants Dorothy and Osumi using Jackie's own camera! Below are thumbnails of the photos you can see on Jackie's official site. Click here to see them full sized.



June 1, 2002


Jackie was given a STANDING OVATION at the World Stunt Awards which aired last night on ABC television in the USA. Jackie accepted the award from the set of Shanghai Knights in Prague. Arnold Schwarzenegger presented the award to a smiling Jackie who spoke of his pride in his work (and the pain involved). Jackie said that he was happy to see Chinese martial arts and Hollywood coming together.