Day of Calligraphy for Dragon's Heart here

Selling bracelets and photos for
Dragon's Heart here

"I want to thank Jackie for teaching
me about charity." here

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A Message to all who have donated (or just thought about it)

A personal challenge for a great cause here

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Day of Calligraphy Two (plus other fundraising activities) here

Donating to Build a School Project in honor of a Jackie Chan-inspired friendship. here

A very special shirt helps raise money for Build a School Project here

Birthday money for Build a School
Project here

Quietly helping the Build a School
Project here

Hand painted stones for the Build a School Project here

Donation in honor of making
new friends here

Two men from Switzerland travel from Shanghai to Hong Kong for Dragon's Heart. More here

Day of Calligraphy for Dragon's Heart here

Update on Netherlands fundraiser here

Second graders in America help
Dragon's Heart kids here

"My Support of Big Brother Jackie" here

Generous fans donate in honor of Jackie's birthday here

Donation made in loving memory of a child here

Sparks and Brownies from Girl Guides of Canada help out here

A very special association in Germany supports Jackie here

Selling handmade crafts for Dragon's Heart here

A German fan organizes another successful cake sale! here

A special little girl in the Netherlands is motivated to help here

A promise made and kept. Read these inspiring stories from a Korean fan. More here.

A German fan donates her birthday money to Build a School here

A German Martial Arts Club helps raise money for Build a School. More here.

A fan from China gets classmates involved to help Build a School! More here.

German brother and sister team sell cookies and play music to benefit Dragon's Heart! here

A fan from the Netherlands teaches some children
about Jackie's charity work - and makes a real impact! More here.

German students surprise their teacher here

Read about the generosity of an anonymous donor here.

German school children show their donation drawings.

The Jackie's Friends fan club in Korea sent in many creative donation drawings! Click here to see them.

A group of students in Germany hold a bake sale to raise money! More here.

German Tai Chi class combined their skills to make one donation drawing.

Jutta from Germany hand-delivered donation drawings to our offices in Hong Kong.

Click here to read more about these children and how they learned about charity from the Build a School project.

Jackie's friend Gemma donated HK$1,000 when she saw all the drawings for the Build a School project!

Helen, Ben, and Michael

Click here to read a letter from Helen, Ben, and Michael's mom.

Peanut Gallery Daycare

Richard Zawitz (standing) matched the September 5th total and gave US$1,290 to the project! He is shown here with Jackie and their mutual friend, Dr. Dominic Lam.

If you'd like to make any size donation online, please click here and choose "Dragon's Heart Foundation" from the drop down menu.


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