January 31, 2004

Mary has sent a few pictures from Hong Kong....including a view of some of the tiles on the wall of Jackie's office! Click here to see them.

Jackie visited Singapore to participate in the Chingay Parade which is held at the Chinese Lunar New Year. According to sources, Jackie is (as usual) showing his support of Asian countries that have been hit with an avian flu....he says he's not afraid to travel. Here's Jackie....all smiles! (Thanks to Marie for the story.)


More on Jackie's Professorship here on the the official site. Everyone is very proud of Jackie!

Check out two more pets named after Jackie Chan: meet Tuxedo and Dragon! Thanks to Angela for sending in the photos and the stories that go with them. If you have a pet named after Jackie or one of his movies, why not share it with all of us here at the Kids Corner? Click here for information.

Jackie has donated more money to charity! According to Daily Fluff:

Yesterday Jackie Chan registered officially with China and Taiwan to establish the Jackie Chan Albert Yeung Sau Sing community charity fund in support the weaker group like children, seniors and women in education, medical care and other community services. Jackie Chan has donated 12 million yuan to the fund. Two nights ago Jackie Chan met with Sonny Chiba (Chin Yip Jung Yut) to talk about organizing a school to train film professionals.

Photo: Sing Tao


Mary has sent in another letter....plus two really neat links for more information. Click the "Letters from Hong Kong" banner (above) to read the latest!

PLEASE don't forget about Jackie's birthday card! Click here for information on how you can join in the fun!



January 30, 2004

Congratulations to Jackie for being given the title of Honorary Professor in the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, January 29, 2004.




Click here to read Mary's final letter from Hong Kong. A big thank you to her for sharing her experiences with the Kids Corner. Don't forget to stay tuned for Mary's photos...coming soon!

Check out these great new coloring projects in Jackie's Coloring book! Thanks to all the kids who have been sending in their beautiful coloring pages.

Wow! The January Little Dragon News has been posted on the Kids Corner! Click here to read it!


January 28, 2004

The latest news from AnimatedBliss.com tells us that Jackie's Shanghai Noon co-star Lucy Liu will be voicing the character of a grown-up Jade on the January 31st episode of Jackie Chan Adventures! Also adding his talents to this show will be Michael Rosenbaum, the voice of Smallville's Lex Luthor.

Rumors are churning around and around that Jackie's son Chan Cho Ming will be playing a role in the sequel to Twins Effect - alongside his famous father. According to Daily Fluff, a press conference will be held on Thursday, at which time any official decisions will be announced.

Another letter from Mary has been added.....this time she talks about going to the movies in Hong Kong! Click the "Letters from Hong Kong" banner (above) to read them all!


January 27, 2004

Great new photos from Around the World in 80 Days from the Dark Horizons website.

Click the thumbnails to see BIG photos!

____ ____


Not a whole lot of news about Jackie these days. The production stopped for the Chinese New Year Holiday, but has presumably resumed. In the meantime here are some photos from a Korean website which show the filming of New Police Story. Click them to enlarge.

Don't look at this one if heights make you dizzy!



Check out this beautiful Chinese New Year card made by the Kids Corner's own newshound, Marie M.

Front Cover


Marie explains the meaning of the various parts of the card:

Chinese characters :
Front cover - " Monkey" "Year"
Inside cover - left side :
Gung Hei Fat Choi ( Cantonese ) - generally wishing wealth and prosperity
Inside cover - right side ;
Sun Nin Faai Lok ( Cantonese ) - literally means, "Happy New Year"
( Thanks to Sanney Leung for sending me the Chinese characters. )
Photo insert : "Monkey King offers New Year's greetings"

The Kids Corner extends its sincere thanks to Marie for sharing her card with us and, of course, for finding us all the latest Jackie news each day!

More letters from Mary have been added to her Hong Kong diary! Click here to read the latest.

Don't forget to start working on your birthday card for Jackie! Click here for all the details.

There's a beautiful new drawing of Jackie in the Jackie Chan Art Gallery. Click here to see it!

January 25, 2004



Click here to read today's letter from Mary in Hong Kong!


January 24, 2004

Click here to see the beautiful card sent to the Kids Corner from Kids Club member Cheyenne!


Jackie wishes everyone a Happy Year of the Monkey!

Source: Wen Wei Po


Mary D., a good friend of the Kids Corner, is in Hong Kong right now and is sending reports home on a regular basis. Click here to read about Mary's travels!

Very good news from the Hollywood Reporter. They have mentioned Around the World in 80 Days as one of the most promising movies coming up this year. They say the movie "is a broad appeal family film and with its brand name title, "80 Days" looks like a likely winner."

On January 29, Jackie will receive another Honorary Professorship - this time from the Hong Kong Polytechnics Hotel and Travel Industry Management Academy. Traces of a Dragon will be shown to help earn money for the Polytechnic Development Fund and Student Development Fund. See? Even when Jackie is busy filming he manages to help people! Source

Check out the newest article in the Voices Across the Sea section of the official site.

Even though the Kids Corner Cartoonist is under the weather (and when you live in Alaska and are under the weather, you're REALLY not feeling well), she has managed to present us with yet another coloring page! Click below to go to page 2 of the Coloring pages!





January 22, 2004

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the Year of the Monkey. To read more about Chinese New Year, click here.

According to his assistant, Jackie has taken time off from filming for the holiday but will resume work on New Police Story soon.

***News flash****

***Jackie Needs More Tiles!!!***

A friend of the Kids Corner is over in Hong Kong right now and she reports that although the tiles look beautiful on the JC Group building at Waterloo Road, MORE TILES ARE NEEDED!! She encouraged us to send more tiles. Have you sent YOURS in? Click here for all the info!


Happy Birthday Dan!

January 19, 2004


"Which celebrities have the brightest futures? Who has been most radiant this past year? You can see the light in their eyes. You can feel a glow of love and joy all around them." Well, according to bioenergetic aura researcher Cynthia Larson, Jackie Chan is one of them! According to the article,

Based on an "inner auric glow," that Larson says everyone can feel and most of us can learn to see, these radiant people provide brilliant inspiration and guidance to everyone around them.

Larson explains, "People with the brighest auras often have the brightest futures. We intuitively know that when we feel low-energy, we tend to be more accident-prone than when our energy is high. When we feel high-energy, our luck and health are better, and we can overcome even the toughest challenges."

Jackie's love and warmth shines through in his smile

Jackie joins singer Sting, actress Nicole Kidman, and Tom Hanks (among others) in the top ten list! Source

Hey kids! Guess who's 50th birthday is coming up before you know it??? Yes! Jackie Chan! It's up to us to make this birthday really special for Jackie. Click here to read all about the Birthday Cards for Jackie Project!

There is a new project on the second Coloring Page. Click here for all the projects. Be sure to visit Holly's Studio to see the beautiful drawings she's made.


January 18, 2004

Jackie and the crew of New Police Story will resume filming after the Chinese New Year holiday. If you haven't seen the trailer for the movie, click here. It looks AWESOME!

Jackie always says that one of the most satisfying things about his being famous is how it brings people together. Click here to read a really nice story about how this happened in a most unlikely place!

Here's a photo of Jackie and a friend enjoying the snow a few years ago.

Check out the main site for tons of interesting stuff! With lots of time for the computer because of the weather, there's no better place to be than The Official Jackie Chan Website. If you're a VIP member, you get to see things that no one else in the world gets to see. It's really a good idea to join!

Thanks to Marie M. for pointing out that the background on the Chinese New Year page here at the Kids Corner had the symbol for "ram" rather than "monkey." It's been changed. The Kids Corner webmaster really and truly appreciates your help in pointing out any mistakes or inaccuracies. She's not sensitive...don't worry! If you find something that's not right, please email the webmaster. Thanks!


January 15, 2004

Jackie will receive a very special award on January 29th - for Hotel and Travel/Tourism Management Honorary Professor. Jackie has received many awards during his lifetime. This one should be particularly precious to him since it honors the work he's done to benefit his hometown, Hong Kong. According to sources, the documentary Traces of a Dragon will be shown at the ceremony. Thanks to Tin Lun Lau for the story.

Thanks to the students in Mrs. Ward's class at the Stella Maris School in New York for making their wonderful coloring projects for Jackie's Coloring Book! Click here to see the new additions!

There are two new projects to color - Jackie exercising on a treadmill and Jackie on a snowboard wearing the famous "seal hat!" Click below to link to the Coloring Pages where you can print out these projects (and many others as well).

January 13, 2004

Jackie and the many friends and fans of Anita Mui attended her funeral this weekend. It was a very sad day for many people.


In other (happier) news, there are two new coloring pages for you to color! One is of Jackie in Operation Condor and the other is a terrific line drawing of Jackie with a whole bunch of kids. Have fun and remember.....color it in and either scan it or send it through regular mail to the Kids Corner and see it posted in Jackie's Coloring book! Thanks to Holly for all the terrific drawings.

According to KungFuCinema.com, Twins Effect, the movie in which Jackie had an extended cameo, is set to appear in the US on DVD on March 23rd. The movie has been renamed Vampire Effect. (Thanks to Marie for the news.)


January 10, 2003

Jackie and New Police Story co-star Nicholas Tse were at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new jewelry store in Hong Kong the other day. Here are a few photos of Jackie and friends:

Photos: Sina

Thanks to Kids Club member Jesse for sending in his beautiful coloring project of the Star Ferry. Click the picture below to see all the great projects in Jackie's Coloring Book!

There's a great new Coloring Page from Holly - this one is of Jackie with the pig from the filming of Around the World in 80 Days. Check it out!

Click here to see a beautiful tribute to Anita Mui. You can send a condolence email to this address: hkstars@jackie-chan.com

Chinese New Year falls on January 22 this year. Click here to read all about this important holiday AND to send a Chinese New Year e-card to a friend!


January 8, 2004

There are TEN new additions to Jackie's Coloring Book! Click here to see them all.

Would you like to add a brick to a virtual (exists only on the Internet) building for Jackie Chan? Click here to add YOUR brick and greeting to The Temple of Jackie Chan!

January 7, 2004

There's an interesting report on the main news site about Jackie's use of real glass for New Police Story. Click here to read it.

According to Monkeypeaches, filming of New Police Story is wrapping up in Hong Kong. Jackie and the crew filmed more scenes at the Hong Kong Convention Center.

Jackie on the set. (Source: The Sun)

More filming atop the Hong Kong Convention Center, site of The Medallion Premiere. (Source: Oriental Daily)

There are several new pieces of artwork in the Jackie Chan Art Gallery. Click here to see the new ones!

There's also a new coloring project in Jackie's Coloring Book! Have a peek.

January 3, 2004

Jackie is still busy filming New Police Story in Hong Kong. Although he was saddened by the death of his friend Anita Mui, Jackie went back to work right away.

Photo: Oriental Daily

There are several new projects in Jackie's Coloring Book. Are you working on your project?

There are several new coloring pages for you to make. Click here to see them all.

The Chinese New Year is coming up soon! Read all about this wonderful holiday here.

January 2, 2004

Wow! The first of the Jackie Chan Coloring Pages has been posted. Thanks so much to Daniel H. for his spectacular picture! Click the image (below) to go to Jackie's Coloring Book. (Thanks to Lisa S. for coming up with the name "Jackie's Coloring Book" for the Kids Corner!)

Jackie's diaries have been updated! You must be a VIP member in order to read the diaries (and to access tons of more terrific stuff). If you're not a VIP member yet, why not join today? It only costs pennies a week and it's worth it! Click here to join.

January 1, 2004

Happy New Year from the Kids Corner!

No recent Jackie news today, but here is an address where everyone can send letters and cards of condolence to Anita Mui's family:

Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild
Rm 1106 Cheung Tat Ctr.
18 Cheung Lee St.
Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Why not write a letter about how much you liked Anita's work in Rumble in the Bronx, Miracles, and Drunken Master 2? It would mean a lot to the family.

Click here to have a look at the life of Anita Mui. Thanks to Marie for the link.


December 31, 2003

Kids Club member Cheyenne's unique and adorable story of a private fan club party has been featured on the Kids Corner. Click here to see it!

A new drawing has been added to the Jackie's Coloring Pages. In fact, several new drawings have been added in the last few days, so you should check back frequently! Here's the latest:

All of the pictures on the coloring pages can be printed out and colored in. The Kids Corner will begin featuring these works of art as soon as you kids start sending them in! If you'd like to see your coloring project featured on the Kids Corner, just go to the Jackie's Coloring Pages, print out your favorite, color it in, and send it to the Kids Corner! You can send it via email or regular mail. The address:

Jackie Chan Kids Corner

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Don't forget to check out Lisa's great story in the Totally Cool Things About Hong Kong section of the Kids Corner. It's full of photos too!


Special thanks to Marie M. for supplying the Kids Corner with daily news updates about Jackie. She spends a lot of time hunting down the latest news and very generously shares it with the Kids Corner webmaster. Without Marie's help, this news page would not be the same. Thanks Marie!!!!







Very Exciting News!!

This is THE coolest news of the year for the Kids Club!!!

As most of you know, Jackie has been keeping a diary for his fans while shooting Shanghai Knights. In the July 3rd diary entry, Jackie talks at length about the Kids Club and mentions each of the last 7 "Jackie's Kids" by NAME! As most Kids Club members know, Jackie has taken a keen interest in the newest Jackie Fan Club and he reads all of the newsletters. It is very exciting to read Jackie's comments about the club and its members! In the July 8th entry, Jackie mentions the Kids Club again, encouraging his young fans to join. Click the highlighted links (above) or read the diary entries at Jackie's Official Web Site. (From the August 12, 2002 News Report)




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