In 1964 author Jeff Brown wrote a children's book about a little boy named Stanley who was accidentally squashed flat by a falling bulletin board. Stanley wasn't hurt, but he ended up very flat; flat enough to be put in an envelope and mailed!

Teachers saw the story of Flat Stanley as a great opportunity to encourage reading and writing in their students. Thus began the Flat Stanley Project, whereby paper Stanleys are colored and mailed off to places all over the world! Those who host Stanley are requested to show him around and keep a journal.

Last month a paper Stanley arrived at Jackie Chan's offices in Hong Kong and during the following week, Stanley was treated to some very special experiences courtesy of Jackie. Here is the story of Stanley's visit to Hong Kong.

My Journal
by Stanley

March 18, 2006

Well, I finally arrived in Hong Kong today after a very long and bumpy ride. When I left America, no one told me that Hong Kong was over 8,000 miles away! Since I've arrived I have found out that Hong Kong is right near China - at the very southern tip, actually. It used to belong to England, but a few years ago, England gave it back to China. I thought that was nice of them. So now it's kind of a part of China. It's called a Special Administrative Region so it's "separate but apart." Maybe I'll ask the teacher to explain this to me more when I get home.

I can't believe I'm in the office of Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan!!! World famous actor, stuntman, director, producer, martial artist, and nice guy. I was greeted by Katharine when I got here. She is the webmaster of Jackie's Internet sites and she's also an assistant at the office. She told me that she's from New York and used to be a teacher there, so she knew about the Flat Stanley project. I thought that was cool. I was happy that I didn't have to explain what I was doing here.

Right after I got here, you'll never guess who came into the office. JACKIE CHAN!!! I was so excited that I nearly fell off the desk. It's a lucky thing that I didn't or I could have gotten a very nasty paper cut. Anyway, Katharine introduced me to Jackie and we took a few photos. Here are two for you to see:

Jackie and I spent some time together talking and laughing. I wanted to show him some kung-fu moves because I know I could teach him some new things, but when I tried he couldn't stop laughing. It's okay. Maybe I can show him some of my moves later. He was probably laughing from nervousness because he was afraid that I might hurt him. I would never do that. I would be very careful when teaching him some new moves.

Well, after spending the day hanging out with Jackie at the office, Katharine told me she had to go home. She gave me a nice place to sleep at her work station and told me that she'd see me on Monday. I'll write more soon!

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