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July 30, 2005

Some Really Nice Pics of Jackie

Check out these really nice photos of Jackie that turned up on the Tom site. They look like they're from last year. Enjoy!


July 27, 2005

Jackie Helps Poor Children

Jackie is in China right now working hard for impoverished children. To read more and to see TONS of photos, check the latest news here.

July 24, 2005

Click the banner above to read about some interesting and amazing things in Hong Kong!


July 20, 2005

Jackie Sets A Good Example For Some Little Kids

Ryan and Natalie, two youngsters in Lisa S.'s home daycare, show off their fundraising effort. Click here to read the whole story!


New At The Sharing Corner: Messages to Jackie

Recently, Kids Corner friend Matty from Australia took a family vacation to China. Before he left, he generously gathered messages of friendship and love for Jackie, typed them up, and brought them straight to Jackie's Waterloo Road offices. Click here to read the messages. Click here to visit the Sharing Corner to see lots of other wonderful things sent in by Jackie's devoted fans.


July 18, 2005

Jackie Supports Disney's Make-A-Wish Fundraiser

Although Jackie could not attend the party which took place aboard a Disney Magic Cruise ship, he was awarded the title of Honorary Cruise Director for helping to raise pre-awareness and support for the event. To read more, click here.


The Myth's Official Website is Up!

Click here to visit The Myth's official website where you can view a trailer, see photos, and even send a Myth e-card. The movie opens in Asia on September 23, 2005.


New Buddy Bears

Check out the two new Buddy Bears from Petra. The one below is called the "No-Buddy" because the bear is decorated like Jackie's warrior character from Who Am I? and in Germany (where Petra is from), the movie was called "Nobody." Click on the Buddy to see the new ones (and all the terrific "old" ones).


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From this day on, all email to the Kids Corner should be addressed to

All regular mail including Buddy Bear drawings or Jackie's Coloring Book drawings should be sent to the following address:

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If you send mail to the old Kids Corner address, it will most likely be returned, so please make a note of the new address!


July 10, 2005

Jackie Spends "Time" in Hong Kong!

Jackie at a promotion for the world famous watch company, Lange & Söhne.

Beautiful Drawings of Jackie


Thank you to "Jackie Liu" for sending these beautiful drawings of Jackie to share!


Jackie, Jackie, and More Jackie!

Jackie has been very busy lately promoting his new movie, The Myth. Check out some of the terrific photos from the last week!



July 4, 2005

Jackie Opens Gym in Hong Kong

You've probably read the news and seen the photos on the main site, but here are a few more shots of Jackie at his new gym in Hong Kong!


Jackie Wants Kim Hee-Seon to Sing

Chinese entertainments sources are reporting that Jackie has invited his Myth co-star to sing the theme song for the movie with him. Stay tuned for updates on this!


Cute New Buddy Bears

There's always a place for new Buddy Bears here on the Kids Corner. Thanks to Carol and Petra for sending in their latest. Come on, kids! Many of you are on summer vacation and now's a great time to make some new Buddy Bears!

Click here to see the latest Buddy Bears.


July 2, 2005

What's Up With The Kids Corner?????

A Note From the Webmaster:

Hey kids,

I am sure everyone has noticed that the Kids Corner has been a little "slow" lately. Well, fear not - that will change very soon. There were many things going on which prevented me from doing my normal daily updates. I am going to have more time now and I promise that I will be updating the Kids Corner more often with loads of fun stuff.

In order to keep up with the constantly-moving Jackie, just check the Latest News on the main site at That news is updated frequently.

Don't forget that you can visit the Kids Corner forum to keep up with other Jackie fans and to join in on some terrific conversations about our favorite subject of discussion - Jackie!

See you soon here at the Kids Corner!





June 17, 2005

Awesome New Buddy Bears

As some of you might know, the Kids Corner webmaster is also a teacher. Recently her third grade class created some of the most unique and amazing Buddy Bears! Check them out by clicking on the Buddy below:

Dragon Buddy by Kyle

June 15, 2005

Jackie Announces Charity Cup Race!

Jackie has announced that the Jackie Chan Charity Cup Race will indeed take place this year on September 4th in Shanghai. Here are some photos from the news conference. The young lady in the photos is actress Huang Yi.


Buddy Bears!

Here are some gorgeous Buddy Bears from German fans Petra and Sibylle. Click on them to see all the bears!


Jackie Honored

Jackie was honored at the Shanghai International Film Festival for his contributions to Asian film. Congratulations to Jackie!

June 5, 2005

"I Have A Pet Named Jackie"

Meet "Jackie Chan." Jackie belongs to Kids Corner friends Katie and Sarah from Australia. Click on Jackie's picture to see other pets named after Jackie!

June 4, 2005

More Photos of Jackie From Piracy Event

Here are a few more photos of Jackie from the anti-piracy event:

June 2, 2005

Jackie Fights Against Piracy

There are all kinds of pirates these days. The kind that Jackie is fighting against aren't people like Blackbeard or Henry Morgan. They are ordinary people doing illegal things. They steal movies and sell them inexpensively. When they do this, they take money away from the people who deserve it. And Jackie wants it stopped.

From Associated Press:

Jackie Chan joins campaign against pirate goods

HONG KONG — Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan battled copyright pirates Thursday, smashing fake designer watches with a hammer and using a chain saw to destroy a streetside stand hawking counterfeit bags and clothes.

Chan's assault on the illegal industry was part of a skit about him breaking up a counterfeit sales operation. The media event was organized by the International Trademark Association. "It may be funny to watch our skit. But there's nothing funny about counterfeits," Chan said.

The movie star said that piracy is seriously damaging the film industry in Hong Kong.

"Looking at the counterfeit problem, it really hurts," he said. "We used to make 300 movies a year here in Hong Kong. Now there are maybe 50 a year."

Chan used a flurry of karate chops against four assailants wearing Jackie Chan masks. He also cut a tie in half with scissors and ripped apart a pair of counterfeit shoes with his bare hands.

The trademark association said counterfeiting is an industry with a global market value of $500 billion US. It produces goods ranging from baby formulas and DVDs to automotive and aviation parts.

Here's Jackie at the presentation:

Photos: Associated Press, Takungpao


May 30, 2005

Jackie is a Hero

Jackie has been voted one of the top ten heroes by Mainland Chinese secondary students. He joins political figures and popular modern day people in the list. Jackie has continually proven himself to be a generous and caring person who devotes much of his private time to working for charity. This is certainly a quality of a true hero. Congratulations to Jackie!


Kids Corner Forum Membership Inches Towards 300 Members!

Hey kids of all ages! The Kids Corner Forum continues to be one of the most popular Jackie Chan forums on the Internet. There are people from all over the world who join in the daily discussion of Jackie's films, charity works, and other topics of interest. Why not join in the fun? Click here to visit the forum and if you'd like to join, just click on "register."

**Note to parents: The Kids Corner Forum is closely monitored by several adult administrators. You can be confident that your children will be reading only kid-friendly, appropriate postings.**


Beautiful Patriotic Buddy Bear!

Swedish Flag Buddy Bear by Rebecca from Sweden!

Click Rebecca's Buddy Bear to see all the bears!






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