October 31 , 2006

The results are in for the Decorate Jackie for Halloween Contest. Click our little friend, below, to see all the winners. Congratulations to everyone who entered - this year's designs were even more amazing than last year's! You're making it very hard for the JC Group to pick a winner!


October 30 , 2006

Halloween In Hong Kong

Although Halloween is a holiday most frequently celebrated in the US, Canada, and the UK, its popularity is spreading and we found evidence of this in Hong Kong! Below you will find some photos taken in Central, Hong Kong on October 29, 2006:



Rob-B-Hood In Hong Kong

While we were wandering around Central looking for Halloween decorations, we noticed that one of the streets looked very familiar. Then we remembered that this was one of the Hong Kong locations where several scenes from Rob-B-Hood were filmed! If you're ever in Hong Kong, you can visit D'Aguilar Street and Wo On Lane to see where Jackie spent some time filming:

This is where Jackie filmed a scene with Yuen Biao. Jackie jumped down onto the little red building.


And here's Jackie standing on the building during the filming:


In the movie (not in this photo), you can see Jackie's car parked on this street during one of the scenes shot here.


Here's another place where Rob-B-Hood filmed.


Halloween Contest

The cut-off date for submissions to the Halloween Contest was October 27th and that was just in time for Jackie to make an appearance in Hong Kong to help with the judging. The contest has been judged and the results will be announced on October 31st - Halloween!

One person sent his submission in too late to be part of the contest, but he made such a brilliant design that we'd like to share it with you here. Thanks to Clinton from the USA for this magnificent project:



October 24 , 2006

Lots of Halloween Fun!

Here are three beautiful Buddy Bears for Halloween created by the wonderfully talented Petra from Germany. You can also see them at the Buddy Bears pages, along with several new Buddy Bears from other fans.

Boo Buddy


Trick or Treat Buddy


Halloweena Buddy

Thank you Petra!


We have also received many new Decorate Jackie for Halloween designs. Click here to view the latest. October 27th is the last day to submit a design, so hurry up. There are great prizes.


Check out the latest Movie That Wasn't sent in from Marcia in Australia! Click here to see all the funny movies that Jackie never was in!


Meet Jackie, who lives with his owner in the UK. To meet other animals named after Jackie, click here. (By the way, Jackie's owner is Charlotte and she's the one who gave us the toys for Jones and JJ that you see in this photo album! Thanks Charlotte!)


Benjamin from Canada (well, we think he's from Canada) saw the latest photos of Jackie's puppies and wanted to share some pictures of his own Golden Retriever, Toby. We usually only feature pets that are named after Jackie, but since Toby is the same color as the pumpkins and Halloween is nearly here...well, we thought we'd make an exception. So here's Toby!

Toby is sleeping with a chestnut in his mouth!


October 18 , 2006

Build a School News: Total Tops USD $9,000

You can see by our tally above that the donations keep coming in for Jackie's Build a School program. We've updated the website with more photos about the Dragon's Heart project, plus we have posted a letter from a teacher in China about how she used the project to teach her students an important lesson. We've also sent Jackie a photo of the latest donations and told him all the news. (Jackie is filming in Paris right now.)

We would like to share a letter and photos sent to us from a teacher in China. She used the Build a School project to teach her students a valuable lesson:


Thank you to everyone who has participated in the project and remember - we're only one-eighth of the way there. If you've already contributed but would like to stay involved, why not introduce the project to your teacher or your friends?

Here is the photo we sent to Jackie in Paris:

These donations have come in just recently. Most have been mailed in, but some have been brought to the office. We have been unable to keep up with scanning all the donations, but we will continue to take photos so that you can see that we are receiving them.

There are many stories to tell regarding the donations. A very large donation came from an American woman who walked in the front door of our office and handed us a wad of cash. Another donation came from an English woman who had promised to mail us the leftover dollars she had from her trip to Hong Kong. She kept her promise. Between these two people, we received hundreds of dollars ($US). Sometimes we get envelopes containing a dollar and nothing else. Sometimes there are letters that begin, "I don't have much myself, but I am sending what little I can..."

So many stories! We would love to share all of them with you, but that would be impossible. Just know that your money is going to a good cause and we will continue to work hard to make the dream of a Dragon's Heart School built by Jackie's fans come true!


Jones and JJ

As you know, Jackie is in Paris filming Rush Hour 3, so he couldn't be here for a photo session with the puppies. Jackie wants us to show you photos of Jones and JJ every month or so until they're fully grown so you can see how fast it is happening! Yesterday the webmaster visited the pups for a photo session and after being slobbered on, knocked over, and puppy-kissed a thousand times, she got a few useable photos. You should also know that she smelled like a Golden Retriever for the remainder of the day.

You can see all the photos at our Photo Albums section. Here are a few to remind you how fast the pups grow!






Jackie is filming in Paris, so we asked a bystander to pose with the puppies so you can see how big they are! (Just kidding - that's Jackie's assistant Dorothy.)


October 12 , 2006

Translation of Rob-B-Hood Theme

Here is a translation of the beautiful theme song from Rob-B-Hood, which is sung by Jackie and has some sound effects from Baby Matthew. Jackie co-wrote the lyrics to this song.

This is not an official translation. This is just Fibe and Kath trying their best. Hope you enjoy!

Ba Ma De Hua

dào tiān míng bù gǎn qù shuì

dān xīn nǐ hàn liú jiá bèi

kàn zhù nǐ kě ài dào liú lèi

wàng jì le zì jǐ pí bèi


bǎo bèi bǎo bèi ài nǐ yī bèi

bù qiú nǐ yǒu shěn me zuò wèi

jiàn kāng kuài lè gěi nǐ zāi péi

zhǐ quí nǐ wèn xīn wú kuì


jiāng jiāo ér bào zài huái xīn suān nán le

wèi niáng wǒ yǒu huà duì nǐ yún


bǎo bèi bǎo bèi zǒu chū bǎo lěi

nǐ yào zì jǐ xiǎo xīn fáng bèi


zhuàn de qián gěi nǐ huā fèi

dān xīn nǐ niàn shū tài lèi

dào yī tiān nǐ zǒu chū shè huì

dān xīn nǐ yǒu fǒu jī huì


bǎo bèi bǎo bèi ài nǐ yī bèi

bù qiú nǐ yǒu shěn me zuò wèi

jiàn kāng kuài lè gěi nǐ zāi péi

zhǐ quí nǐ wèn xīn wú kuì

jiāng jiāo ér bào zài huái xīn suān nán le

wèi niáng wǒ yǒu huà duì nǐ yún


zhè shì jiè rú cǐ diān pèi

qián wàn bié bàn tú ér fèi

qián xīn wàn kǔ bǎ nǐ zāi péi

bà mā de kǔ zhī dào méi


Parent Song

Even as the dawn breaks, I can not sleep
Because I worry that you will become ill as you sleep.
When I look at you, I see how lovely you are and tears come into my eyes
I forget my own fatigue.

My darling, my treasure, I love you forever
I only hope that you are healthy and happy and that I can nurture you
and you will have no regrets.

I hold you in my arms and I feel happiness but I also feel worried
As though I were your mother, I have something to tell you
My darling, my treasure, one day you will leave home
Please take care of yourself.

We earn money so you can spend it
We worry that you’ll be too tired for studying
One day you will go out into society
We worry about whether you will have a good chance in life

My darling, my treasure, I love you forever
I only hope that you are healthy and happy and that I can nurture you
and you will have no regrets.

I hold you in my arms and I feel happiness but I also feel worried
As though I were your mother, I have something to tell you
My darling, my treasure, one day you will leave home
Please take care of yourself.

This world is so chaotic
Don’t give up too easily
Because we tried our best to nurture you
Can you understand what we’ve done for you?


Fibe and Kath working hard to translate Rob-B-Hood theme song!

Click here to see the Rob-B-Hood music video



October 10 , 2006

United Buddy Bears Help Celebrate Peace

Thank you to United Buddy Bear co-creator Klaus Herlitz for sending us photos of the Buddy Bears celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace in Vienna on September 20th. The Buddy Bears were on display at the Karlskirche from September 1st to October 7th. Nearly 300 schoolchildren threw flowers into the basin that lies in the middle of the Circle of Buddy Bears on this special day.

CLICK HERE to read more about the United Buddy Bears


Build a School Fund

Jackie's Build a School for a Dollar fund (check out the banner above) is growing steadily as donations come in from all over the world. Most people send a dollar, but some people send more. Many of Jackie's fans are planning fund raising efforts and those will be featured here at the Kids Corner when they get going. There are several parents who are involving their kids' schools, sports enthusiasts who are putting together activities to raise money, and families who are getting together to make donation drawings. There are so many stories from fans about how they are involving others! Jackie is very pleased and as soon as he's back in Hong Kong we will try very hard to take more photos of him with the donations.

Right now it is nearly impossible to post all the individual drawings, but please don't let that keep you from sending yours in. Many people are contributing on a regular basis - sending money every few weeks or each month. We have gotten dozens of letters with money from China, and dozens of envelopes with money and no letter! Thank you to everyone and keep up the good work. Please check our website for updates on the Build a School project!

Click on me to see the newest Halloween designs!



October 3 , 2006

Korean Fans Join Together to Help Jackie's Build a School Project

A group of Jackie's fans in Korea recently sent in a collection of donation drawings for the Build a School project. Although Jackie couldn't see the drawings in person, we sent him a photo by email so that he could have a look at all the creative designs from his devoted fans in Korea. Now all of these designs are posted at our Build a School pages.



Thank you to everyone who has sent in a donation or a donation with a drawing. We are so overwhelmed by the number of people who are getting involved! If you do not see your drawing posted right away, that doesn't mean we haven't received it. It just means we haven't had a chance to post it. Soon we may start posting photos of groups of donations because we are getting so many that it's almost impossible to keep up with scanning them all!

Jackie is in Paris and is given updates on the project every few days. He wants to tell you that he appreciates all your help and also wants to encourage you not to stop! We have come a long way, but have a long way to go.

Many people have written in saying that they are trying to involve their schools or clubs in this project. Thank you to everyone who is trying hard to spread the word and get others involved.

Please have a look through the drawings to see all the new ones and check the Photos of Jackie at the Build a School pages because they are occasionally updated.


You know what this little guy wants to tell you:

More designs have been posted at the Halloween contest pages!!



October 3 , 2006

More Build a School Drawings

So many people are sending in donations that we are having a hard time keeping up with all of them! We have posted some of the drawings that are counted into the updated total (above). Thank you to everyone who has sent money for this good cause. We have received money from all over the world! Sometimes people just put money in an envelope and don't even include a note. But however you want to donate, it's fine with us. We will continue to update Jackie while he is filming in Paris. Thank you so much to everyone!





September 28, 2006

Decorate Jackie For Halloween

Well, Jackie is going to be the best dressed guy this Halloween because his fans have endless creative ideas for costumes! Check out the latest entries in our contest here!


Build a School For A Dollar

Right now Jackie is away filming Rush Hour 3, so he can't pose for photos with all of the donations we have received. However, we are taking photos of the donations and sending them to him in Paris so he can keep up with what is going on. And you should see what is going on here! We are getting dozens of donation drawings every day and the money is starting to add up. We are getting money from all over the world!

Jackie is so happy with what is going on and he wants to thank each of you for your generosity. We have gotten many letters - some of them are very touching. People have written in to say that they are themselves poor, but that they would still like to make a small donation. These small donations add up when they are combined with other donations. Remember that no amount is too small.

Jackie appreciates all your help and wants to encourage you to continue helping in any way you can. If you have sent a donation but feel that you want to send another, please do! We will keep track of all the money and make sure that every cent is used for the school.

Here is the photo we sent Jackie yesterday. It shows some of the donations that have come in during the last few days:


Here are more donations with letters:




September 26, 2006

Build a School For a Dollar Fund Keeps Growing!

If you place a small snowball at the top of a snow covered mountain, it will grow bigger and bigger as it rolls downhill. The same could be said for Jackie's Build a School project. In only about two months, the total amount for the fund is up to US$5,576 and Jackie is thrilled. He talks about the program every chance he gets in an effort to keep interest alive.

On September 21st when Jackie was in Shanghai for the premiere of Rob-B-Hood, he was extremely moved when a group of fans presented him with a paper and cardboard model of a Dragon's Heart School. The fans stuffed the school with 1,800 RMB (over US$230). This is a tremendous amount of money when you consider that average annual per capita disposable income of people in Mainland China was around US$1,300 last year!

The fans also gave Jackie Build a School drawings with even more money attached. Jackie told the audience all about the program and said he was so happy with the response of fans all over the world. He asked them to continue to support the program.

Jackie holds the cardboard school while the fan to his right prepares to put money inside!

Fans have been sending in their donations so quickly that we can hardly keep up with the scanning and posting. Evenutally we will display the drawings on the website, but Jackie wanted to thank each and every one of you for your donation. He also wants to thank those who donate through our website. In the past three weeks we have received US$115 from our website donation page*. Each donation is noted and we appreciate all of them.

Jackie is also very excited about the fans who have written in to say that they are involving their schools or their children's schools in the project. He wants all of you to know how much he appreciates your generosity!

*Please remember that if you donate at our online page, you must choose "Dragon's Heart Foundation" for the money to go to the Build a School program.

To see new photos of Jackie, click here.



September 22, 2006

Jackie's Fans Have Been Very Busy!

In the last week we have received nearly 40 new Buddy Bear designs and a whole bunch of new Halloween Costume designs from Jackie's very busy and creative fans. Thanks to everyone who has sent in a design. If you've sent in a design but don't see it posted, wait a while before emailing because it takes some time to get them all posted at our website.




The Build a School for a Dollar Project has taken on a life of its own! So many people have sent in donations that we are having a hard time keeping up with getting them all scanned, counted, and posted. The total amount for donations keeps creeping higher and higher and we will post the updated number as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone who has gotten involved in this wonderful project.

Thanks also to the people who have voluntarily brought this project to the administrators of their local schools to encourage them to get involved. We have at least two people who have gotten a positive response when they've brought the Build a School idea to their children's teachers or principals. Thank you so much!

Jackie is very excited about this project and mentions it frequently at press conferences. So keep your donations coming! Remember, even a dollar can help.


September 15, 2006

Halloween Contest Prizes Announcement

Well, it took a while but we have now posted the prizes for the Design a Jackie for Halloween Contest. These prizes were worth waiting for because they are very cool! Click here to see what you can win in the Halloween contest!


Build a School Fun Gets Big Boost!

Thanks to two very generous people who stopped by our offices this week, the Build a School fund has just taken a giant leap forward!

First, Jackie's old friend Curtis Wong stopped by the office and ended up handing us US$200! Wow! Here's Jackie with Curtis:


Then, the next day, a fan from the United States came by to drop off her donation of US$300! Thank you so much to Carla, a very generous lady! To read more about the Build a School Program, click here.


Jackie Loves Your Halloween Designs!

Yesterday Jackie had a look at the designs that you've sent in so far and he was laughing out loud when he saw them! He can't wait to see more, so please send yours in. To see the latest, click here!



September 13, 2006

Great New Story in Sharing Corner

Check out the new story in our Sharing Corner. If you would like to contribute a story, just send it to our office or email it to the webmaster.


Wow!! New Halloween Contest Designs!!

There is no doubt that Jackie's fans are the most creative people in the world. If you want proof, just click on the Halloween Jackie below and see all the amazing new Jackies at our Decorate Jackie for Halloween Design Contest!

September 11, 2006

Build a School Project Nears US$3,000 in Donations!!

You might have noticed that our total donations more than doubled this week. That is because when a very generous man named Richard Zawitz heard about the Build a School Project, he matched the amount in our "bank" with a donation of HK$10,000 (US$1,290). We met Richard at dinner one night last week (he's good friends with one of Jackie's old pals) and he was so excited about the project that he immediately offered to help. Several days later, the money was hand-delivered to our office. Richard is the inventor of that fun twisty thing called the Tangle. Thanks, Richard!


Richard (standing) with Jackie and their friend Dominic Lam.



More Decorate Jackie for Halloween Designs Arrive!



September 9, 2006

A big thank you to Dan from England for getting the Halloween Contest started! Dan is the first one to send in a costume design. Click below to see the rest of the entries in our Create a Halloween Costume for Jackie Conest 2006!

September 6, 2006

September 5, 2006

Build a School Project Tops US $1,000 !!

Many donations have arrived at the Kids Corner in the last week and already we have a total of US$1,290. This is a really good start and of course Jackie is thrilled. In fact, he is so excited about the project that he insists on having his photo taken with every new donation. AND..... he has told many of his friends about what his fans are doing and his friends have started donating as well. Here is his friend Gemma, who stopped by the office and when she saw the project, she handed him HK$1,000:

In addition to Gemma, many of Jackie's other friends have pledged thousands of dollars to help. As soon as we receive those pledges, we will add the money to our total.

Since Jackie is matching every dollar that is donated, we only need to collect half of the US$75,000 cost to build a school. So keep your donations coming and please tell your friends (especially if they are teachers who need a project to do with their classes!).

Please click here to see the latest donation drawings!

Thank you...

Thank you to all of the generous fans who have donated through our website using a credit card. Although your donations are not posted on our website like the drawings are, we know who you are and we are very appreciative and thankful for what you've done. Fans have donated a total of over US$300 through our website! Thank you!!

If you'd like to help, you can click here to make an online donation of any amount (make sure to choose Dragon's Heart Foundation from the drop down menu). Every little bit helps!


September 3 , 2006

Top Secret: The Truth About Rush Hour 3's Delay

A Comic by Constantin

Read a terrific story written and produced by Constantin and his family!

Build-A-School Project

There are more photos of Jackie in the Build a School section of the Kids Corner. Have a look here!


August 30, 2006

Big News for the "Build-A-School" Project:


When the Build-a-School for a Dollar project began, we had no idea how popular it would be. In the last few weeks we have received donations from all over the world and Jackie has been thrilled with the generosity of his fans. Some fans have written in to say that they love the idea of the Build-a-School project and that they wanted to know if an actual school was going to be built with their donations or if they would be put into a common fund. (It costs the Dragon's Heart Foundation US$75,000 to build a school; the China government puts up the rest of the money for construction.) We talked to Jackie about the fans' wishes to see their donations put to one project, and he was very excited by the idea. And as many of you know, Jackie will always put his money where his mouth is, so he vowed to match your donation dollar for dollar. This means that the fans have to generate US$37,500 to build a school in China....


...Jackie said that he would name the school after you; he's already begun thinking of names! That shows what kind of faith Jackie has in your ability to meet the goal! We will keep track of donations here on the Official website.

Click here to see the latest donation drawings.

Click here to see lots more photos of Jackie.

PLEASE READ THIS: If you make a donation for this project using a credit card at our website's charity donation page, please use the drop-down menu and choose Dragon's Heart Foundation:

August 25, 2006

Click here to read about a very generous fan and about Jackie's reaction to what she did.


More Donations to "Build-A-School" Project

Thank you to everyone who sent in a donation! Click here to see the new ones.


August 22, 2006

Updates on Kids Corner

New Buddy Bear here.

New drawings in the Art Gallery!

Wow! Pets named after Jackie...click here.

And don't forget to check out the big news from yesterday (just look below).



August 21, 2006

WOW!! Jackie's Build a School for a Dollar Campaign is a Big Hit!

Click on Autumn's donation drawing to see them all!


Today's mail brought over a dozen donations from all corners of the world for Jackie's Build a School For a Dollar campaign. Jackie was absolutely, positively, incredibly thrilled when he saw all the donation drawings arrive at the office today! He took all the drawings into the conference room, put them on the magnetic board, and had his photo taken with them. He then recorded a little video to tell you how he feels about his generous and loving fans. You can view the video by clicking below. [Note: The file is very large - 20MB - so you should RIGHT click on the link, choose "Save Target As" and download it to your computer before you try to view it.]

Jackie wants to thank everyone for their generosity and he said that he knows this is just the beginning. So keep the donation drawings coming. You are helping in a big way!

RIGHT CLICK your mouse on Jackie, choose SAVE TARGET AS and save the file to your computer. Then, go eat dinner, take a walk, or bathe the dog. This is a big file and will take time to download. When you return, just watch the video from your computer's hard drive!

CLICK HERE to see the video in Mandarin Chinese.


Here's Jackie posting all of your beautiful donations to the board so we could take photos. Click here to see photos of Jackie with the new donations.





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