January 29, 2005

Check This Out: Jackie Chan Toys!

There appears to be a new series of toys in production featuring our own hero Jackie Chan! Check out these photos (with information). No word yet on when or where these will be available for purchase!

Model: Shadow32 - JC Collection Series

Detailed Information:
This limited collectable series will be dressed-up
with JC JEANS by Jackie Chan. The same fashions,
shoes and backpack as this Shadow 32 will not be
found in any other Jackie Chan Action figures.
Each set comes with Jackie Chan printed signature,
certificate with I.D. number.


Model: JC Toys Series

Detailed Information:
Our philosophy is to let our end customers to
enjoy not only our toys, but also the warmest
connection when gathering with families.


Model: Shadow32 Hong Kong Police Series

Detailed Information:
This series show Jackie's positive police image
as honest, healthy and friendly. Each set comes
with Jackie Chan printed signature, certificate
with I.D. number.


January 28, 2005

Jackie Attends "Book Art Exhibition"



Jackie attended a "book art exhibition" of his good friend Lin Wenchieh and, as the honored guest, cut the ribbon. He was presented with the above framed collage of photos. Jackie expressed concerns about Chinese youth "neglecting their Chinese culture." (SOURCE: Wen Wei Po)

Jackie Chan Martial Arts University?

According to a Chinese news source (news.ent.tom), Jackie will be heading to Beijing next week to participate in the CCTV's popular Spring Festival (on February 2) and on the way there he will be inspecting sites for a future Institute of Movie Martial Arts. Jackie has looked around in Shanghai and in Beijing for a good place to build this school. Jackie wants this institute to be a place were there would be dormitories, dining rooms, and martial arts exercise and training rooms. He is hoping to attract future martial arts stars from all over the world. His vision for the school includes film editing classes, music, and performances. He hopes to complete this project in the next two years.


Kids Corner Survey

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January 27, 2005

Jackie Nominated for Best Actor

The Hong Kong Film Critic Association's 10th Annual Golden Bauhinia Award committee has announced its nominations and Jackie has been nominated for his work in New Police Story! Congratulations to Jackie for this honor (and good luck).




January 26, 2005

Jackie Expresses His Pride in Hong Kong

Eric Tsang, Dou Wen-Tao (?), and Jackie with the donation box.

Jackie met yesterday with Eric Tsang and Dou Wen-Tao (?) to discuss the results of the fund raising for tsunami victims. The January 7th "Crossing Borders" concert earned over HK$40 million and money continues to come in. Donation boxes are filling up all over Hong Kong. Jackie expressed his pride in his hometown and said that he was thrilled that Hong Kong stepped forward immediately and began donating money in great amounts - setting the example for the rest of the world to follow. Eric Tsang encouraged people to treasure what they have because a natural disaster like the tsunami could take it all away in an instant. The money collected by the charity events will be distributed to five organizations: The United Nations Children's Fund, Salvation Army Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Red Cross, and two others (which don't translate).



Fashionable Jackie

While Jackie was in South Korea, he surprised a lot of people by appearing at a show where he had a booth that sold many of his own "Dragon" designs. According to Oriental Daily, Jackie was displaying clothes, shoes and socks, and all kinds of souvenirs plus a portable telephone set, "Dragon" soy sauce, and even "Dragon" hot pepper sauce. Jackie modeled some of his own wares and even bought a t-shirt with "Peace" written on the front!



More Photos From Korea

Jackie seems to be an endless source of fascination for S. Koreans. Here are a few more photos from new conferences, etc. that you might not have seen before (many of them are just similar poses to photos that have already shown up here). All photos are from Korean Yahoo!




January 25, 2005

"Design a JC Jeans T-Shirt" Contest Winners Announced


Thanks to everyone who submitted a t-shirt design. Thanks also to everyone who voted! All designs will be mailed to Jackie in Hong Kong so he can have a look at them!


New Photos in The Myth Section of the Kids Corner



January 23, 2005

More Jackie in South Korea

Jackie is extremely popular in South Korea. This is evidenced by the intense media coverage of his recent trip there.

Here are links to two really nice videos of Jackie's visit. One shows him at the ribbon cutting ceremony of a Jackie's Kitchen and the other is a more general video showing clips from some of his movies and other highlights of his visit.

Link to video 1

Link to video 2


More Photos!

From the New Police Story premiere in South Korea









Great Album of Old Black and White Photos

While searching around the Korean news sites, the webmaster came across some great old photos of Jackie - some very rare. Check them out here.



January 20, 2005

Jackie on Central Committee Television (CCTV)

Chinese news source's article about Jackie's appearance on CCTV's "Artistic Life" relates that Jackie talked a lot about his life while on the show. He spoke of the grief of losing his mother and how difficult it was to hide his feelings when she died [he was filming The Medallion at the time and didn't want to interrupt the production]. He talked about his devotion to China and his desire to bring honor to the Chinese through his work in film. He mentioned his affection for his father. According to the interview, Jackie became emotional at different times. Sounds like a great show! Here are some photos from CCTV:


Here is another photo of Jackie from a Korean press conference:


Charlie Yeung:

Hong Kong SAR's UNICEF Education Ambassador

Jackie's New Police Story co-star, Charlie Yeung, attended a charity event press conference as the UNICEF Education Ambassador. The event will help Mainland children to return to school. On the 26th she will travel to Sri Lanka to visit orphans who have lost their families in the tsunami disaster.


Charlie Yeung, Education Ambassador (Hong Kong SAR) Photo: Oriental Daily


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January 19, 2005

More Photos From South Korea

Jackie interacts with the local sea life.


Kim Hee-Sun and JC with local children.


Kim Hee-Sun and JC


Touring South Korea



Buddy Bear Newsletter

Thanks to Sina Hirt from Buddy Bears Berlin for sending the Kids Corner the Buddy Bear Newsletter. It's very exciting to read - it even shows that Queen Elizabeth is a Buddy Bear fan! Click below to read the newsletter.

Find out what Queen Elizabeth II is doing with this Buddy Bear! Just read the newsletter.


Since We're On the Topic of Buddy Bears...

If you would like to add your Buddy Bear design to the galleries of bears here on the Kids Corner, just click here. The Kids Corner has gotten Buddy Bears from many countries all over the world, but we haven't gotten many from Asia. So how about it? Hey all you kids in Japan, China, India, and everywhere else in the world - send in your Buddy Bears!



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January 17, 2005

Jackie's Tour of South Korea

Just when the webmaster thought she'd mastered translating Jackie news from the Chinese news sites, he goes to South Korea! Translating from Korean is a whole different story. Please forgive any errors. It seems that Jackie has been touring South Korea with (and sometimes without) The Myth co-star Kim Hee-Sun. Here are some photos, all of which come from the Korean Yahoo site and Yonhap News.



Jackie Chan Donates Scholarship
Jan. 17, Tongyoung, South Korea -- Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan and South Korean actress Kim Hee-seon donate 20 million won (US$18,000) of scholarship for needy students in Tongyoung, a port city in South Gyeongsang Province, on Jan. 17. Chan is in South Korea to publicize his new movie titled "New Police Story." (Yonhap)









Jordan's Story

In our Sharing Corner you can read a story from the imagination of Jordan Ryan from the UK. Enjoy!


January 16, 2005

Rush Hour 3 News has posted an article which mentions a possible shooting location for the third Rush Hour. Here's what they said:

New Rush Hour 3 Location Revealed
Source: Capital FM January 13, 2005

Simon Thompson from UK's Capital FM tells exclusively that director Brett Ratner has revealed the new location for New Line's Rush Hour 3, which is expected to cost up to $115 million.

The original Rush Hour, made for just $33 million, earned $244.4 million worldwide in 1998, while 2001 follow-up Rush Hour 2, with a budget of $90 million, pulled in an impressive $347.3 million around the world.

We've learned that Chris Tucker's Detective James Carter and Jackie Chan's Chief Inspector Lee will be heading for France, where both heroes will be "fish out of water".

It was recently reported that New Line is waiting for Tucker to sign off on a script for the film. The actor hasn't starred in a film since Rush Hour 2. Ratner directed After the Sunset, with Pierce Brosnan, Woody Harrelson, and Salma Hayek, last year.


January 15, 2005

Jackie in Korea

Media coverage of Jackie's trip to Korea was HUGE! There are tons of photos of him on many different Korean websites. Here are a few more:

Photo: Yahoo Korea


Photo: Yahoo Korea




Photo: Yahoo Korea


Click here (just click on the button below Jackie's photo on the page) to view a Korean news report about Jackie. It seems to be about Jackie's past work with Korean actors. It's neat because there are clips from New Police Story, Accidental Spy, and Rush Hour, among others. It also shows Jackie at a few different news conferences.


Great Jackie Chan Artwork


This drawing was made by Emma Goodman and shows Jackie with the evil Shendu. Thanks to Emma for sharing her drawing with the Kids Corner!


New "Jackie Chan Movies That Weren't"



January 14, 2005

Jackie in South Korea

Jackie gestures to reporters in South Korea. (Photo: Sina)


A classic Jackie expression (Photo: Sina)


Jackie smiles widely at a press conference in South Korea, where he was promoting New Police Story. Jackie looked happy and well-rested in all the photos from this trip. Click here to see an album of photos from Korean news sources (mostly Yahoo Korea).


January 13, 2005

Jackie in South Korea

On his way home from the United States, Jackie stopped over in South Korea to promote New Police Story. (Photo: Sina) While there, he took part in a demonstration match with Li Jing Kui.

January 11, 2005

Wonderful Video of Jackie from Las Vegas

He talks a little about the Consumer Electronics show and gives a demonstration of his new product. The best part about this video is Jackie talking about his charity work. He is very committed to helping other people and it really shows. Although other celebrities are very generous to charity, none uses his non-movie-making time the way Jackie does! Click below to see the video from CTV's Canada AM program:


Packs and Packs of New Buddy Bears

Lots of new Buddies came tumbling onto the Kids Corner site last night. There are also a few Buddy Bears that were "lost" and are now found. Just go through all the pages and see if you can spot the ones that were on the site briefly, then disappeared and now have reappeared!

Just click on Sara's Rainforest Buddy to see them all!


Hong Kong Charity Concert

The concert was a huge success, and they reportedly had earned over $10 million by 7:00 PM. Jackie could not attend this event, although he did help organize it and gave tremendous financial aid to put it all together. Jackie appeared at the concert via a taped message. Action star Jet Li was also there, telling the story about how he and his family were nearly swept away by the rising waters.


January 9, 2005

A Most Amazing Thing!

The Jackie Chan Kids Forum (Message Board) is about one week old and already there are 37 members! But the most amazing thing is that it is a real INTERNATIONAL, MULTINATIONAL forum. Those 37 members represent 16 different countries!! (And those are just the ones who are registered.) We have members from the following countries:

South Africa

Jackie has spoken many times of his hope that he could bring people from all nations together in friendship. The Kids Corner Forum has done exactly that. Jackie will be so proud! If you would like to join the fun, just visit the forum. You do not have to register, but there's no reason not to. It doesn't cost anything and it is SAFE. The Kids Corner Forum is moderated by two caring adults, both of whom work with children as a profession. Kids will be safe at the forum. So join now! The more, the merrier! Click here to visit the forum.


Great Jackie Chan Adventures Website

There's a great website for Jackie Chan Adventures fans. This site has episode guides, cast information, episode reviews, etc. Click Jackie and Jade, below, to visit!


Awesome New Buddy Bear Designs!

Click Lika's Buddy Bear to see all the new ones!

There are many more Buddy Bears coming, so check back often! Thanks to everyone who sends Buddy Bears in and to everyone else: KEEP SENDING THEM! You can scan and then email them to the Kids Corner or you can send them by snail mail to:

Jackie Chan Kids Corner

P.O. Box 556

Peconic, NY 11958-0556 USA

Also please consider sending any drawings or stories you have. The Kids Corner is ALWAYS looking for new things to add to the Art Gallery, the Sharing Corner, and the Little Dragon Newsletter. The webmaster is also interested in putting together a section of the website for poetry (for Kids and Adults), so if you have a poem, please send it in! Remember, a poem doesn't have to rhyme, so don't worry if yours doesn't. If you don't believe that, then check out the work of a few third graders who wrote poems without any instruction or guidance. Most of their poems don't rhyme, but they're still amazing.


January 8, 2005


We Are the World Video Information

As you have probably read here (and everywhere else in the world), a group of Hong Kong singing artists have joined together to remake the Michael Jackson/Lionel Richie song that was originally the theme for the Live Aid hunger relief concert. There are several versions of this song and there are many different versions of the video that accompanies the song. These videos, however, show some disturbing images and therefore they won't be posted here. There is one video which shows the singers (including Jackie) practicing the song. You can watch that by clicking here.

Exclusive Photos of Jackie in Las Vegas

ALL PHOTOS ©2004 JCX and are used with permission.

Jackie demonstrating one of the JC Xavix products. Check out his t-shirt!


Jackie talks to a Xavix representative.



Jackie with the Xavix Golf.


A lucky lady gets to try out the product while Jackie looks on.


Willie (left) and Jackie.


Jackie with Xavix representatives.


Video of Jackie from Las Vegas

Jackie was in Las Vegas introducing his newest venture - the Jackie Chan Xavix. It is an interactive video/excercise/entertainment system. There are demonstration videos at the Jackie Chan Xavix site PLUS there's video of Jackie talking to the press and showing them how to use his own product! (If you look carefully, you can see Willie in the background.) Jackie talks about his goal of "getting kids moving" because he thinks they spend too much time sitting in front of computers and video games. So he's developed what looks like a really fun way to exercise! Click below to get to the video menu page.


Little Dragon News is Online!



Charity Concert in Hong Kong

Although Jackie desperately wanted to stay in Hong Kong to help with the aid to tsunami victims, he had to go to Las Vegas because of business. However, he took care of a lot before he left and will pick up the pace as soon as he returns. Jackie helped organize a huge charity concert in Hong Kong. Here is information from The Star Online:

Star-studded charity concert

HONG KONG: Some of Asia's biggest names in show business, including action movie star Jackie Chan, kicked off a marathon charity concert here yesterday to raise funds for survivors of the world's deadliest tsunami.

Thousands of fans began trooping into the Football Stadium shortly after noon for the seven-hour variety show, which showcased many well-loved singers who have not performed in public for years.

The “Crossing Borders” concert began with the screening of a video showing some of Asia's best-loved stars like Chan, Andy Lau, Miriam Yeung and Teresa Carpio recording the song Love, which is the Chinese version of We Are The World.

Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie wrote We Are The World in 1985 to raise money for famine-struck Africa.

Tickets to the show were free and it was also broadcast live across the region.

Long disbanded bands, like Grasshoppers, and wildly popular girl and boy-bands belted out love ballads. Many wore white, the Chinese colour of mourning.

Big names like Leon Lai appeared within the first hour of the show, delighting his many fans. Taiwan's Jay Chou, Chang hui-mei and boy-band F4 were also in the line-up.

Hosts urged fans and television viewers to donate generously by calling donation hotlines.

“Now is the time to give generously,” one host said.

The show is the latest in a string of private sector initiatives here to raise funds for survivors of the Dec 26 tsunami, which killed over 150,000 people in Asia and Africa.

The catastrophe has left no one untouched and ordinary people from across the territory have dug deep.

Over the weekend, hawkers donated vegetables and shoppers paid as much as HK$1,500 (RM731) for a small bag of lettuce, with the proceeds going to help the relief effort.

More than 760 prisoners in the high-security Stanley Prison, where some of the most hardened criminals are locked up, donated HK$141,788 (RM69,175) on Thursday after learning of the catastrophe on the news.

The territory's administration, which was criticised for acting too slowly after the tsunami, has pledged HK$17mil (RM8.29mil).

Private donations meantime have surged way past HK$500mil (RM243.9mil) so far. – Reuters



January 6, 2005


Jackie Chan XAVIX

The mystery about Jackie's visit to Las Vegas is over! Jackie is joining together with XaviX to produce some VERY VERY cool home fitness products. They are interactive and use motion detection, creating "interactive digital fitness" equipment! This is very neat. According to the press release:

The Action Mat challenges users to build endurance and speed as they learn the skills and foot work to keep up with Jackie. Action Boxing utilizes wireless Action Boxing Gloves to allow players to block, weave and punch their way to the championship title.

These products should be available by the summer. Click one of the images below to visit the website!



"Crossing Borders Fundraising Show"

Although Jackie cannot be in Hong Kong for this event, he was a big part of organizing it and has given money to support its production. Here is information about this show:

More than 150 Asian stars to hold huge show in Hong Kong for tsunami aid

Thu Jan 6, 2:58 AM ET Entertainment - AFP

HONG KONG (AFP) - Over 150 Asian music and movie stars, a majority of them from Hong Kong, will join forces in that Chinese territory for a huge fund-raising show to help the Asian tsunami relief effort.
Four popular Hong Kong singers Andy Lau , Jacky Cheung , Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok -- known locally as the four Gods of canto-pop -- are set to headline the show.
Chinese action star Jet Li, who and his family narrowly escaped the disaster when they were on holiday in Maldives, will also share his story of survival.
Thailand action star Tony Jaa, who starred last year in surprise international hit movie "Ong Bak", is expected to appeal cash donations.
Jaa, whose home country is one of the worst hit areas by the disaster, said he was grateful for donations his country had received.
"No one wanted disasters. But then this has made people realise how important life is. Everyone should learn how to enjoy life and give the others care and warmth," he told Hong Kong-based newspaper Apple Daily.
Hollywood action star Jackie Chan, one of the conveners of the show, will not be able to attend due to a prior engagement in the Unites States but will raise funds by telephone.
Other celebrities, such as actor Chow Yun-fat and Maggie Cheung, are yet to confirm.

The seven-hour show, "Crossing Borders Fund Raising Show" will be held at the Hong Kong Stadium from 4pm (0800 GMT) to 11 pm.
More than 100 singers from Hong Kong, the mainland and Taiwan have recorded the show's theme song, "Love", a Chinese-language version of "We Are the World", originally released by USA for Africa in 1985 in aid of African famine relief.
All major TV stations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malaysia will broadcast the show live and are expected to draw over 100 million viewers, organisers said.
Over 150,000 people were killed and several million left homeless or hungry after a massive earthquake deep below the Indian Ocean off Indonesia on December 26 sent huge waves crashing into coastal communities in 11 countries.


January 5, 2005

We Are The World - 2005

In 1985 some of the world's brightest singing stars recorded "We Are The World" as the theme song for Live Aid, a concert to benefit hunger victims. Now, in the wake of the worst natural disaster in human history, some of Hong Kong's brightest stars, including Jackie, have redone the song and are releasing it to benefit the victims of the tsunami.

(This story is coming in from news sources all over the world, from Jamaica to The Isle of Man to China to the United States.)


From left, Hong Kong singer Andy Hui, action star Jackie Chan and actor Eric Tsang hold hands at a press conference promoting a benefit performance for southern Asia's tsunami victims. Photo: AP/Lo_Sai-hung











Happy New Year from Eva Herlitz, Creator of Buddy Bears

Eva sent the adorable photo, above, to wish all Buddy Bear fans a Happy 2005. Thanks Eva!


January 4, 2005

Jackie Scheduled to Visit Las Vegas...

...with a couple of hundred thousand other people! It's the annual International Consumer Electronics Show; the world’s largest annual consumer technology exhibition. Jackie is scheduled to appear with SSD COMPANY LIMITED/XaviX and announce a strategic alliance with Jackie Chan. SSD XaviX is a cutting edge technology company that makes products that allow users to "interact with their televisions like never before." They also make games for their system. We can only wonder what the "alliance" with Jackie will be. Very exciting!


In Case You Didn't Know...

...Jackie was the "Friends of Operation Smile" Ambassador a few years ago. You can still assist these children by clicking on Jackie, below, and seeing what you can do to help.



Jackie's Other Buddy Bear

Thanks to Haarsha for sending the Kids Corner a photo of Jackie's "other" Buddy Bear. She says that both the tall Buddy Bear and the short one are standing outside Jackie's JC Jeans store on the Avenue of Stars.





January 3, 2005

Jaycee Chan Takes Action

Jackie's son Jaycee has gotten involved in an effort to help raise public awareness in Hong Kong. Along with actor Eric Tsang, Jaycee is getting the word out to Hongkongers about what is going on in the tsunami disaster areas. He has also offered to travel to the affected areas to lend a hand. It looks like Jaycee is starting off on the right foot when it comes to charitable works. Jackie will surely be proud.

Thanks to Mary D. for this information.


from the South China Morning Post

While some are helping tsunami victims through their wallets, others have taken a bigger step and volunteered to help out where the disaster struck.

Actress Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi has said that as a representative of the Hong Kong Actors Guild she will go to the worst hit part of Indonesia tomorrow to help those in need.

When asked if she had been vaccinated, Cheung said: "I decided not to take the shots because of a risk of fever and I don't want anything to get in the way of my task."

Jackie Chan's son, Jaycee Fong Cho-ming, is already offering his help at Khao Lak, where a temple holds 1,600 bodies.

Jackie Chan, who donated $500,000 to the tsunami victims, said Fong's donation of one dollar less than his "gave him a scare".

Cheung and Fong are taking part in a programme organised by veteran actor Eric Tsang Chi-wai to let Hongkongers know what is happening in the disaster area.


January 2, 2005

Jackie's Plea For Your Help


Click on Jackie to see the video. (Thanks to Matty for finding this!)


Jackie's Buddy Bear

This is a photo of Jackie with the Buddy Bear that he purchased. United Buddy Bears official photographer, Doris Rieck, took some great photos of the bear (including the one above). CLICK HERE to see a great photo album of Jackie Chan's Buddy Bear!


New Kids Corner Forum is a Great Success!

The new Kids Corner message board is quickly acquiring many members. This board is much better than the old one and allows members to post photos and links. The board is divided into categories and visitors can choose what they'd like to read about and comment on. Please visit the new board - we're having a lot of fun over there!


Jaycee Chan Donates to Tsunami Victims

Jackie's son, Jaycee has made a generous donation to help the victims of the tsunami. He donated one yuan less than his father (HK$499,000). (Photo: ent.tom file photo)

January 1, 2005

Jackie is a Special Guest at Concert

Jackie joined fellow Hong Kong entertainers Jonathan Lee and Emil Chau (he's the fellow who played the ice cream vendor in Rumble in the Bronx and Mr. Nice Guy) at a concert. Take a look:



Jackie on China Central Television

Jackie was on a program called "The Artistic Life." According to Sina, Jackie talked about his life and gave a young actress a big hug!

Photos: Xinhua/Sina


December 31, 2004

Jackie to Participate in Fundraiser for Tsunami Victims

The brightest stars of Hong Kong join together to help others.


According to Chinese new sources:

EEG will hold a charity concert for tsunami victims on January 2, 2005 at the Hong Kong Stadium :
"...Jackie Chan, Joey Yung, Nicholas Tse, Jaycee Chan [ Fang Zuming ] and so on the well-known entertainer positively will attend the large-scale benefit performance..."

There are many plans in the works to raise money for the victims of the devastation. Jackie has also been involved in organizing a fundraiser which will tentatively take place on January 7, 2005. However, Jackie is scheduled to be in Las Vegas on that date, so he will probably participate via a video link or taped speech.

Jackie Heading for Las Vegas in USA

Jackie will be heading to the States to talk to representatives from the SSD COMPANY LIMITED/XaviX
Reportedly, SSD will "unveil new XaviX titles and announce a strategic alliance with Jackie Chan." Source


New Fun Stuff

Well, it's not really NEWS, but it's just a few new pages on the website. One lists Jackie's favorite stunts and the other lists his favorite fights. All information for these pages came from the book I Am Jackie Chan, published by Random House.

December 30, 2004

Why We Love Jackie

Here he is again donating winter coats to charity. When Jackie is between films, or when there is a break in filming, he gives his all to helping others. Just another reason why we love Jackie.



December 29, 2004

Photos of Jackie Donating to Relief Victims

As soon as possible, Jackie jumped right in and donated HK$500,000 (US $64,000) to help the victims of the tsunami. Jackie said that if we all give what we can, "the accumulation of droplets becomes a river."

All photos, below, can be enlarged by clicking on them.





Special thanks to Marie M. for supplying the Kids Corner with daily news updates about Jackie. She spends a lot of time hunting down the latest news and very generously shares it with the Kids Corner webmaster. Without Marie's help, this news page would not be the same. Thanks Marie!!!!



Please read this note from the webmaster!







Very Exciting News!!

This is THE coolest news of the year for the Kids Club!!!

As most of you know, Jackie has been keeping a diary for his fans while shooting Shanghai Knights. In the July 3rd diary entry, Jackie talks at length about the Kids Club and mentions each of the last 7 "Jackie's Kids" by NAME! As most Kids Club members know, Jackie has taken a keen interest in the newest Jackie Fan Club and he reads all of the newsletters. It is very exciting to read Jackie's comments about the club and its members! In the July 8th entry, Jackie mentions the Kids Club again, encouraging his young fans to join. Click the highlighted links (above) or read the diary entries at Jackie's Official Web Site. (From the August 12, 2002 News Report)








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