October 31, 2009

Halloween Contest is Over

We will not be accepting any more designs for the Halloween contest unless you have emailed us a design already and it hasn't shown up on the website. If you have sent in a design and do not see it on the website, please forward us your original email. You must send the email as a forward so we can determine that you have already tried once to send it in.

Thanks to everyone who entered. We received more designs this year than any other year; an amazing 149 entries!!

As you know, Jackie usually judges these contests. However, his schedule is much more hectic than it has been in quite a while, so it is possible that it could take a long time to get the results. Please be patient.

Click the Friendly Ghost to see them all!


Great News for Dragon's Heart

Two days ago, Jackie attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new store which sells luxury watches. The store's owners are known for being charitable and they were certainly very generous to Jackie's Dragon's Heart Foundation. Here's a photo of the Roger Dubuis Manufacturer donating US $540,000.

Jackie and his Forbidden Kingdom costar, Crystal Liu accept the check.

Sadly, the news sites did not report on this amazing donation. Instead, they commented on Crystal's dress and her weight. We were very sorry to see that the kind of gossip Jackie dislikes so much continues on some news sites.

In order to show you what kind of things they wrote about, we posted the quoted text on the Main site, but someone thought we were posting the gossip as news! The misunderstanding of English is something that occasionally happens, however, since Jackie has so many fans for whom English is a second language. We apologize to anyone who thought we were posting gossip on the main site.


October 27, 2009

Halloween Contest is Almost Over!!

There are only 4 more days to send in your design for the Decorate Jackie for Halloween Contest. If you've sent in your drawing and you don't see it posted at the Halloween pages, please resend it to jckids@jackiechan.com. We've received so many this year that a few might get lost here or there!

Click our little buddy to see all 128 incredible designs for this year:


October 17, 2009

The Spy Next Door

Take a look at the poster for Jackie's new movie, which will be released in January 2010. Keep your eye out for lots of fun Spy Next Door articles, interviews, photos, and Scrapbooks, which we'll post as the release date nears.

You can watch the trailer in our Films section at the main site by clicking here.

October 15, 2009

Lots of New Halloween Designs in our Decorate Jackie for Halloween Contest!

Click the Friendly Ghost to see them all!


Fun Halloween Drawing

Thanks to our old friend Christy for this wonderful drawing!


September 27, 2009

Halloween Designs, Photoshop Jackie, and More!

Jackie's fans have been very busy this week (and so has Jackie - - just look at the latest news at the main site).

Thanks to everyone for the Halloween designs. Incredibly, fans keep coming up with new ideas! Every year when we start this contest we worry that maybe people will run out of clever ideas, but that has not happened. This just shows that Jackie's fans are some of the most creative people on the planet!

Click on our little ghoulish buddy for the latest Halloween designs


Thanks also for the latest submissions to the Photoshop Jackie page. Take a look; they're really amazing. Click here to visit our "Photoshop Jackie" page.

Lastly, there's another caricature of Jackie at our special Jackie Caricatures page. Thanks to Thomas for his great drawing. Click below to see them all.


September 20, 2009

Halloween and More!

We've got a bunch of new Halloween designs at our Decorate Jackie for Halloween page. Click our little friend to take a look!

Photoshop Jackie

Click here to visit our "Photoshop Jackie" page and see two really clever Photoshop projects! If you want to make your own project, you are welcome to do so.


Decorate Jackie Story

Recently we received an email from Iris in Germany and she sent along a Decorate Jackie project she made a few years ago. She never sent it to the contest that year because she missed the deadline and now that we have changed the rules a little, it is not eligible for the contest anymore. She knew this, but wanted to share her design with us anyway. Thanks Iris!


September 11, 2009

Thank You!

The Halloween designs are coming in so fast, we can hardly keep up! We should say thanks and congratulations to Liam and Angie from the USA. You seem to have inspired a whole lot of people by making a Dr. Seuss costume for Jackie. We've gotten three more Dr. Seuss designs since you sent yours in. Thanks!

Wow! The Halloween Contest is On Fire!

The Decorate Jackie for Halloween Contest has 65 entries already, and it's not even halfway through September. This is by far the most enthusiastic response we've ever gotten. It seems that by the time the contest is ended, Jackie will have his work cut out for him to choose a winner.

Halloween has become increasingly popular all over the world (yes, even in China), and it shows in the tremendous response we've gotten to the Decorate Jackie Contest. It's Jackie's all-time favorite contest to judge. He always laughs while looking through the entries and expresses his amazement over the creativity of his fans.

One note about the entries: In the rules we've stated that we don't want submissions with elaborate backgrounds. We don't want to turn this into a drawing contest; we want it to be easy for everyone to take part. Therefore, if you submit a design with an elaborate background, we'll post it, but it won't be eligible for a prize. We don't want anyone to feel bad, but we need to have some rules for the contest.

One more thing.....we welcome multiple entries, but we've put the limit at 6 for each person. Of course we know that there are endless ideas for costumes, but we don't want to make it impossible for Jackie to pick the winners!

Click our little friend to see all the incredible costumes!


September 9, 2009

Jackie's Build a School for a Dollar Total Approaches
Round Two Goal!

In the past month, Jackie's fans have donated US $946 and with Jackie matching that amount, the total for the month is $1,892. We are only about $6,000 away from having enough money to build a second school for the Dragon's Heart Foundation. And what that means is that fans only have to raise another $3,000 because Jackie matches donations dollar for dollar. This is very exciting news! Jackie is thrilled with the ongoing generosity of his fans and of course there are a lot of very happy children in remote areas of China who can go to school all because of you.

As a reminder about where your money goes, here's a photo of Jackie in Guizhou, China, giving out school supplies to the children in July, 2006. The money that you donate buys these supplies, pays school fees, and goes toward the construction of schools:

And here's another photo from Guizhou which shows a very happy Jackie talking to the children:

We have added some donation drawings to the Build a School pages and we want to send out a big thank you to all of the fans who donate anonymously (well, we know who you are) by credit card at the main website. This month we had donations online in amounts ranging from $1 to $500 !!! Thank you to everyone!

To see the new donation drawings, click here.

Buddy Bear Contest Thanks

Today we received a thank you from Lena and her grandmother Maria. Here's what they had to say:

Dear Jackie!!!
Thanks for the wonderful Buddy Bear!!!
Thanks for pleasure from gift reception!!!
Thanks for smiles on our faces ;)
My grandmother Maria is very glad and surprised to the small victory.
Thanks Kath for the infinite help in work of a Jackie.

With love, Lena and Maria. Russia, St.-Petersburg :)

Maria with her prize winning Knitted Buddy Bear. Her design was one of the most original we'd ever seen for the contest!


It's great to hear from the fans when they win prizes. The smiles on their faces make everyone happy. Thanks for writing!


September 8, 2009

Wow! Look at This!

One of the winners of a blank Buddy Bear from our latest contest has sent us photos of what she did with her bear. Take a look at how beautiful it is! Although she says it's not quite finished yet (she has more ideas for adding to it), we think it's just spectacular.

Thanks to the contest winner (who prefers to remain anonymous) for sending us these terrific photos:

She painted a phoenix on the front.

An original design on the back.

In the past we have given out blank Buddy Bears and have asked to see photos of what fans have painted on them. Do you know that all of the winners of these blank bears don't paint on them because they're afraid to ruin them? We're sorry this happens, and we encourage people to go ahead and try. That's what Jackie would want them to do. You can always paint it white and try again!


Lots of Updates!

Incredibly, we have received 25 new designs this past week for the Decorate Jackie for Halloween Contest. Thanks to everyone who has sent a design. They're really beautiful and of course we are amazed by the imaginations of the fans who continue to think up clever new ideas. If you want to join in the fun, click on the little fellow below:

The contest entries page is updated to September 8th. If you have sent your design before September 8th and don't see it on the site, please resend. Thanks!

Here's a nice Halloween picture from our old friend Pamela:

Thanks, Pam!


There are also updates to our new Photoshop Jackie page, our Art Gallery, Caricatures of Jackie page, and the Movies That Weren't page. Keep sending your creations to us. We love them all!


A Couple of Nice Thank You Notes from Winners of the Buddy Bear Contest:

From Liam, winner of a Buddy Bear Statue:

Dear Jackie,
Today I am the happiest boy! You see You are my Hero and You actually picked my Buddy Bear as one of the winners ! I want to be like You , I practice martial arts and do stunts and want to help other people too.
My favorite movies of Yours are First Strike and Who Am I. Thank You so much for taking time for kids. I love your website.
Love Liam
Howell Mi. USA


From Francesco, winner of a mini-Buddy Bear:

Dear Jackie,

I will never cease to thank you for the small buddy bear.are glad you've chosen my design. I will follow you always ,you are the best.    Francesco


From Sandy, winner of a mini Buddy Bear:

Hello :-)

I had at the Buddy Bear Contest ´09 take part in. Thank you very much for my sweet little prize. 

Warmest regards,
Sandra ´Sandy` Töpper from Berlin/ Germany  


Thank you to those who took the time to send a photo and a note. We love to hear from our winners!


August 31, 2009

Decorate Jackie for Halloween Contest

This year's Halloween contest is turning out to be a busy one. We usually don't get this many entries until later in the contest, but it seems everyone is getting a jump on things and sending them in early. Thanks!

The contest runs until October 31st and will be judged by Jackie, so get busy thinking up great ideas.

Today we received a nice Halloween drawing from Sandy. She made it especially for the enjoyment of visitors to the Kids Corner! Thanks, Sandy.


August 29, 2009

Thank You From a Fan

Today we received a nice email from one of the winners of the Buddy Bear contest. We've asked Sophia if it would be okay to post her note and photo and she happily agreed! We always love to hear from fans who've received prizes and we thank Sophia for writing. Here's her note:

Dear Jackie ,

Thank you so very much for the little Buddy Bear. It has my favourite colours and a sweet little heart.

Thank you so much.

Thank you Kath for all the work you do for us !

A big hug


Hamburg Germany

Sophia shows off her cute little Buddy Bear


We also received a thank you note from Guna. She wrote a little poem to show her appreciation!

Thanks for this contest.  It was really nice. Yesterday in my post office came a small ,beautiful BYDDY BEAR. And I want only say THANKS.  

"Wow, thank you for the lovely gift;
It’s something I would choose.
It gave my spirits quite a lift,
It’s something I will use!

It’s special. Thanks! "




August 28, 2009

New Fun Stuff Section:
Photoshop Jackie!

We've gotten such a great response to the Photoshopped images of Jackie that we featured here in our news a few weeks ago (see below), we've decided to open up a new section for the Kids Corner to show off the creative talents of Jackie's fans.

We've created a separate page where images of Jackie that have been manipulated in programs like Photoshop will be displayed. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Create a picture of yourself with Jackie

  • Show us what Jackie would look like as a famous historical figure

  • What would Jackie look like as your favorite animal?

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. So give it a try!

Click here for information and some examples of what you can do.


August 27, 2009

Fan Customizes His Auto With Jackie's Portrait

Jackie Chan's face has shown up on t-shirts, coffee cups, posters, magnets, and dozens of other items. But we've never seen anything like this. Gleb from Osessa in the Ukraine sent us photos of his car. Take a look:

Thanks, Gleb! We're sure Jackie will get a kick out of seeing himself painted on your car!


Remember, if you have something you'd like to see posted at the Kids Corner, email it to jckids@jackiechan.com.


August 26, 2009

Great Response to Halloween Contest!

Although the Halloween contest here at the Kids Corner is always a very popular one (and remember, it's Jackie's favorite), we've never had so many designs submitted so early on! We're thrilled with the enthusiastic response and hope that the pace continues. Remember, Jackie Chan himself will pick the winners, so make sure and send in your best design. Click Bumblebee Jackie to enter this year's contest!


Fun Halloween Wallpaper

Thank you to Daniel from Switzerland who has created a special Halloween wallpaper just for the Jackie Chan Kids Corner. It shows Jackie playing the part that Michael Jackson did in the "Thriller" music video. Click on the small image below to see the full sized wallpaper.


More Drawings in the Art Gallery

Thank you to Casandra, Santi, and Tania for their beautiful drawings of Jackie. Several of their pictures feature Jackie doing charity work. They're really lovely. To see them, click below.


August 23, 2009

Wow! Halloween Contest Entries Already!

We've already received four entries for the Decorate Jackie for Halloween contest! Thanks to those who have gotten our contest started. Click below to see the first designs of this year's event!

By the way, the webmaster thanks you from the bottom of her heart for naming the files correctly. This saves hours of time and prevents anyone's design from getting omitted. Thank you!


August 21, 2009

It's That Time Again.....

Since 2005 we have had a Decorate Jackie for Halloween contest here at the Kids Corner. This contest is Jackie's absolute favorite and he is always happy to be the judge.

Each year there are an equal number of entries from adults and kids and we receive designs from every corner of the globe. This contest is for everyone to enjoy and we encourage you to enter, no matter how old or young you are!

We are starting this contest a week earlier than we did last year to give everyone plenty of time to submit an entry. We know that people are busy this time of year getting kids ready for school and preparing for the winter (or summer), so we want to make sure everyone has a chance to color a design.

There are lots of great prizes again this year and they're all autographed by Jackie himself! Click below to begin.


August 19, 2009

More Pictures of Jackie

Seems like the Photoshopped images of Jackie (below) have inspired several fans to try their hand at this kind of project. Check out the two new Movies That Weren't and a terrific compilation in the Art Gallery. There's also a new portrait of Jackie in the Art Gallery!

Click here to see the new artwork.


Click here to see the new Movies That Weren't


We'd love to see what you can do with a picture of Jackie and a Photoshop program. Send your projects to the webmaster and we'll post them on the Kids Corner!


August 18, 2009

Photoshopped Pictures of Jackie

Recently we stumbled upon a website that ran a contest in honor of Jackie's 55th birthday. Entrants were instructed to submit Photoshopped photos of Jackie. This kind of thing is similar to our own Jackie Chan Movies That Weren't pictures here at the Kids Corner.

Here are two samples of the kind of posters that were entered into the contest:


You can view all of the entries at the original website by clicking here.

We'd love to have your "Movies That Weren't" posters to publish here in the Kids Corner. Just email them to the webmaster!


August 17, 2009

A Few Panoramic Photos from Fibe

Fibe Ma (her name is pronounced like "Phoebe") is the person who writes Jackie's diaries after he dictates them to her. She was also a scriptwriter for films such as Rumble in the Bronx, Mr. Nice Guy, and Supercop.

Jackie and Fibe in 2007

Recently Fibe was in Beijing for the Jackie Chan Fans Friendship Tour '09 and she took several photos of the Bird's Nest Stadium before Jackie's concert to share with the fans. Hope you enjoy them! (Click to enlarge.)




Thanks Fibe!


Nice Story in the Sharing Corner

Read about one fan's trip to Hong Kong! Click below:


August 15 , 2009

Jackie Announces Winners of Buddy Bear Contest!

Although Jackie's quite busy filming in Beijing, he took time out to choose the winners of our recent Buddy Bear contest. Here are the six winners:

Diandra, age 12

Kim, adult
New Zealand

Liam, age 6

Maria, adult

Tina, adult

Tu, age 16

Jackie takes judging of the contests at his website very seriously. The entries are printed out and through a process of elimination, he chooses his favorites. Here are photos of Jackie picking the winners:

And here are the 12 runners-up:

Asha, adult

Daniel, age 7
Czech Republic

Debi, adult

Francesco, age 14

Gayathri, age 10
Hong Kong

Guna, adult

Khalie, age 9

Michela, age 14

Vinicius, age 18

Sandra, adult

Maria, adult

Sophia, age 14


The six winners of this contest will receive either a blank Buddy Bear or one that has been painted by an artist. (Click here to see information about prizes.) The runners-up will each receive a Buddy Bear miniature.

Thank you once again to Eva Herlitz of the United Buddy Bears for providing us with the wonderful prizes!

*Note: Buddy Bear designs that had been entered into previous contests were eliminated from this competition, although they were displayed on the website. They were not given to Jackie for judging. For example, if you sent a design for the 2008 Buddy Bear Design Contest and then sent the same design for the 2009 contest, you would not qualify to win this year.*



August 13 , 2009

Build a School Helpers: A Very Special Teen Talks About His Charity Work

We invite you to read a beautiful written story about how one 14 year-old from the Netherlands became involved in charity work.

Click here to read Thomas' story


New Build a School Total

The total amount of money raised for Round 2 of the Build a School for a Dollar project is now up to US $67,056! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the charity. Many fans donate money online and others send in their drawings. Some donate a dollar; others donate hundreds. We can't stress enough that each and every donation, no matter how big or how small, is meaningful. Jackie continues to match donations dollar for dollar, so if you donate one dollar, you've generated two dollars for the charity. We encourage you to continue to support the project and we thank you so much!

We haven't been getting many drawings from fans anymore, but we did get a few this month:


You can send a Build a School drawing by following the instructions here.


Jackie's Design a Buddy Bear Contest

Just to let you know that we are waiting to see if Jackie will have the time to judge the Buddy Bear contest. There were so many entries and Jackie is very busy filming, so we don't know when or if he will have the time. Stay tuned!

Jackie Caricatures

Thank you to Guna for sending in an adorable caricature of Jackie. You can see it (and many others) by visiting our Jackie Chan Caricature page (click on banner below). If you want to see your caricature drawing of Jackie on our website, just send it to the webmaster!




August 1 , 2009

Buddy Bear Contest Ends

Thank you to everyone who submitted a design to Jackie's Design a Buddy Bear contest. One hundred and three designs were submitted this year! Jackie has his work cut out for him in choosing the winners.

As soon as winners are chosen there will be an announcement on this website. You can see all 103 entries by clicking here.

Our annual Decorate Jackie for Halloween contest will be announced soon, so start thinking now!

Jackie Chan Art Gallery

There is a new drawing in our Jackie Chan Art Gallery. We hope you will visit the gallery and look at the dozens of beautiful drawings and paintings of Jackie that have been submitted over the last few years. Jackie has many talented fans! If you would like to have your drawing or painting of Jackie displayed at the Art Gallery, just send it to the webmaster!


July 30, 2009

More Berlin Buddy Bears from Bea

Recently Bea, a fan from Germany, sent some great photos of Buddy Bears she found around Berlin. Much to our delight, Bea has now sent photos of the Mini Buddy Bears at the Europa Center in Berlin. You will not believe how beautiful these little bears are! Click on the link below and scroll down to see the Mini Buddy Bears!


Only Two More Days for the Buddy Bear Contest!

If you haven't sent in your entry for the Buddy Bear contest, now's the time! There are only two days left.


July 28, 2009

Caricatures of Jackie in our Fun Stuff Section


Buddy Bear Contest

As the end of the Buddy Bear contest approaches, we are receiving more and more designs every day. Everyone is welcome to enter the contest and don't worry - there's still plenty of time to send your drawing in!


July 27, 2009

Jackie's Design a Buddy Bear Contest

There are only a few days left for the Design a Buddy Bear Contest, so please hurry and send in your entry! You can see more beautiful designs by clicking here. Information on how to join the contest can be found here.

Beautiful Drawing

A fan from Latvia has sent a poem and a drawing to share. Thank you Guna!

"We touch the clouds
The tiger with me will ride
Our hearts as one
Power right at my side
The future before us lies
Magical door
Along with the tigers way
Dragon will soar "

Remember: Everyone is welcome to send drawings or stories - anything of interest to Jackie fans - to us. We will either publish it on the Kids Corner or the main site, depending on what it is. Email to jckids@jackiechan.com or webmaster@jackiechan.com


July 24, 2009

Jackie's Build a School for a Dollar Project

The Build a School for a Dollar project is an ongoing charity fundraiser supported by Jackie's fans. Over the past several years Jackie's fans have donated over US $65,000. Some people donate a dollar or two; others donate more. Jackie truly appreciates every single penny that is donated and he matches all donations. Throughout the entire project Jackie has been very involved. He has photos taken of himself with many of the donation drawings and he talks about the project at news conferences and when he travels for the Dragon's Heart charity.

Although times are tough throughout the world, Jackie's fans have continued to support this project. Jackie encourages you to donate whatever you can to the Build a School project and he thanks you from the bottom of his heart for your support. He really does!

Jackie invites all of you to take a look at our Dragon's Heart Helpers page. There you will find wonderful stories of creative ways fans have found to raise money for the project. Our newest story features a group from Germany who have raised almost US $5,000 for the Build a School project over the past several years.

Click on this picture to read about Ingrid and Anouk.


Click this banner to read about Jackie Chan's Build a School for a Dollar project.


July 21, 2009

Buddy Bear Contest

Jackie's Design a Buddy Bear contest is nearing the end. There are only 10 more days to send in your entry, so please hurry! We have several new designs on the website which you can see by clicking the link below.


Art Gallery

There's a brand new drawing in the Jackie Chan Art Gallery. Please take a look!

Remember, everyone is welcome to send in a drawing for the gallery. This display is not just for kids. It was begun with kids in mind, but many adults joined in the fun and sent their beautiful paintings and drawings of Jackie. You are invited to send yours too!


July 7, 2009

Build a School for a Dollar

This month Jackie's fans contributed US $1,057 bringing the total up to $65,950 !! That's only $9,050 away from our goal for a second school. This is very exciting news for everyone, especially for all the people who have given money to the project.

Whenever Jackie hears about the new totals for the Build a School for a Dollar project, he is quite happy and always passes along his thanks to the fans. Just think how excited he's going to be when he hears this newest total!

We want to thank everyone for the contributions, no matter how big or small. As you know, small amounts add up to large ones when they're combined.

Please take a look at one way that some German fans found to raise money for the project (and have fun at the same time). Click below to read a great story.



July 3, 2009

Interesting News

Recently we received two messages with news concerning Jackie's website. Since we are proud of the work we do at JackieChan.com and JackieChanKids.com, we'd like to share the news with everyone.

The first bit of news was that someone went through thousands of websites and posted a list of the "Top 32 Gorgeous Celebrity Websites" and we're happy to say that JackieChan.com was on that list. You can see the results here.

The second thing that was brought to our attention was a list of the "World's Best Logos and Brands" which included the old logo that we used for the Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids. Although the fan club is no longer in existence, we still have pictures of the old logo. Here it is:

Did you know that Jackie helped develop this logo? Click on the logo to read the story of how we came to use it for the Kids Club.


July 2, 2009

More Buddy Bears and Some Beautiful Panda Drawings

There are several new Buddy Bear designs for our contest. Check them out! Don't forget that the contest deadline is at the end of this month, so please send yours soon.



Panda Drawings

Recently Jackie posted some panda drawings in his diary and asked fans to let him know which one they liked best. Thank you to everyone who has sent in his or her vote. When we gather some more votes, we will let Jackie know what you like.

Our friend Christy from Hungary was inspired to draw two beautiful pictures of pandas when she saw Jackie visiting the Chengdu Panda center. Thank you Christy!


To vote on the panda drawings in Jackie's diary, click here.


June 30, 2009

Discovering the Berlin Buddy Bears

Did you know that Jackie first discovered the Buddy Bears when he was filming in Berlin, Germany? Well, Jackie is long gone from Berlin, but many of the Buddy Bears remain.

Recently we received an email from a fan who found many of the bears on the streets of Berlin. She has sent us such wonderful photos that we decided to devote an entire page to her discoveries!

Click below to see all the wonderful pictures. A big thank you to Bea!


June 29, 2009

Buddy Bears, Flat Jackie, and a New Story in the Sharing Corner!

There are several updates here at the Kids Corner for you to enjoy.

First, we have a very nice story in our Sharing Corner about some fans who recently held a special meeting:

Next we have an addition to the Flat Jackie reports - this one is from a fan in Hamburg, Germany:


We also have several new Buddy Bear designs for Jackie's Design a Buddy Bear contest. Don't forget that the contest ends on July 31st, so get to work coloring you Buddy Bear! There are really special prizes this year and if we're lucky, Jackie will be the one to judge the contest. Click below to see our latest Buddy Bears:

And one more thing.......

In Jackie's latest diary, he asks his fans to share their opinions of some panda drawings. If you haven't seen it, click here and after you look at the drawings, send us an email to tell us which one is your favorite!




June 15, 2009

Buddy Bears and Flat Jackie Reports

There's a lot going on at the Kids Corner these days! We have a great Buddy Bear contest and we also have the Flat Jackie reports coming in from all over the world.

There are some new Buddy Bears posted for the contest. Click on the banner below to see them all.

We received a message in our email box last week from Bea in Berlin, Germany. She sent some photos of the Berlin Buddy Bears that she spotted around the city. Here's what she wrote:

Hi, my name is Bea. I m come from Berlin, Germany. I send my photos just for fun: 

This buddy bear stay in the lobby of the cityhall in Berlin-Kreuzberg, my workstation. On the right-hand side [to the right of the Buddy Bear] is Egon, my team leader and me on the left-hand side.

The FCA-buddy bear is a mascot of a cleaning company.

The green buddy bear stay at the near the entry of a clinic.

The orange bear at an apothecary.



Thank you so much to Bea for sharing these Buddy Bears with everyone!


Take a look at our Flat Jackie section (click on the banner below) to read brand new stories of Flat Jackie's travels!


June 12, 2009

Many new stories have been added to our Flat Jackie pages. Click on the banner above to read them all!


June 9, 2009

Big News for Build a School for a Dollar

The new total for Jackie's Build a School for a Dollar project is US $63,836 ! This was an incredible month for donations; fans gave $3,760 and with Jackie's matching donation, that adds up to an amazing US $7,520.

Donations ranged from less than a dollar up to US $1,000. Many fans donated money at the Friendship Tour party in Beijing and others worked on individual projects to raise money. There was a very large donation sent to our online charity donation page and all this adds up to a terrific month for the charity.

Jackie always says that the amount you donate is not as important as the fact that you do donate. For some people, one dollar is a considerable sacrifice. We appreciate all donations and remember that when you put all the dollars together, they add up very quickly! The Build a School for a Dollar project is once again close to having enough money to build a second school. Originally Jackie had hoped that a particular school could be named for the fans who have been so generous, but so far it hasn't been possible to arrange that. However, remember that all of your donations go to the Dragon's Heart Charity and they are used for buildings and supplies. Not one dollar is wasted.

Last month Jackie visited Inner Mongolia for the dedication of more Dragon's Heart schools. You can read about this in his diaries here and here.

We've added some new photos to our Dragon's Heart at Work page because Jackie wants you to see exactly where your donation money goes.

Once again, thank you to everyone for continuing to support this project. If you read Jackie's diaries you know that the Build a School for a Dollar program is very special to him.

Click on the photo below to see the new pictures we've added to the Dragon's Heart at Work page:

There are also more photos of donation drawings posted in the Build a School Donation Drawings page here.

More Buddy Bears

There are several new Buddy Bear designs at our Buddy Bear Contest page. Don't forget to send in your design! Jackie loves the Buddy Bear contests and he will pick the winner (time allowing). The contest ends July 31st.

If you want to learn how to enter the contest, click here. To see all the entries, click here.



June 4, 2009

A few years ago, Jackie participated in a Flat Stanley project here at the Kids Corner. Now it's Jackie's turn to be flat and travel the world. Click the banner to read about a really fun project put together by the members of the Jackie Chan International Friends Forum



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