June 9 , 2008

Build a School for a Dollar News

As you all know, the terrible earthquake in Sichuan destroyed many schools. Jackie has decided to use all the money from the Build a School project to build new schools in Sichuan Province. The first round of the project raised US $75,000 and the second round already has US $20,962 !!!! Jackie is so happy to have the support of his fans and promises to use every penny to rebuild schools in Sichuan. Thank you to everyone for the generous donations. The largest donation was for US $1,200 and the smallest was for US $2.00. There were hundreds of donations sent through our online charity page and to our office. With your help we will reach the second round goal very soon and the children of Sichuan will be able to have beautiful classrooms to learn in. Right now many of them are not attending school or they are learning in temporary "tent classrooms" such as the one Jackie visited last week:

An exhausted Jackie visits with the children.

Jackie wants to thank everyone who donated money. He knows that many of you don't have too much extra money and that you sacrificed to help the people of China. You can read a special message from Jackie here.


May 15 , 2008

Build a School for a Dollar Reaches Goal of $75,000

In less than two years, Jackie's fans have sent in nearly US $40,000 for the Build a School for a Dollar project and with Jackie's matching donation, we have now achieved our goal.

Click here to read Jackie's message to his fans.

The project will begin anew, and with the extra money we received this past month, we will start our second round with US $5884.

Thank you to everyone who has helped raise the money for the first Dragon's Heart school built by Jackie's fans. We look forward to your continued support!


Build a School Helpers

Several years ago, Jane Keitch from the UK made a generous donation to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. This year she set her sights on donating to the Build a School project. Click here to read about how Jane raised US $5,887 for the school project. Thank you so much, Jane!


Lucky Jane got to hand her donation directly to Jackie in Hong Kong.


Dylan's Tennis Challenge

Dylan aces a serve during the Tennis Challenge.

Seven year-old Dylan from California managed to raise US $920 for Jackie's Build a School project! Wow! That's an amazing accomplishment for anyone, and especially for a child. Congratulations to Dylan and a big thank you for your hard work.

Click here to see all of our Dragon's Heart Helpers stories.

May 6 , 2008

Birthday Card Winners

Sorry it's taken so long to announce this year's birthday card contest winners, but as you know Jackie's been very busy lately! Congratulations to all the winners:

Age 12 and younger winners:

Willy, Hermes and Orpheas (co-creators of the card), and Autumn

Age 13-17 winners:

Dakotah, Charlotte, and Isabela


Age 17 - adult winners:

Kristzi, Hatsumi and Yukari (co-creators of card) and Frank.


Congratulations to all the winners! Jackie loved all the cards and as you can see from the photos below, he was quite happy with all of your generous donations to the Build a School project.

Another note: In case you're wondering why so many of the winners feature a drawing or photo of Jackie, well most of the homemade cards included Jackie in the design!

April 18, 2008

Thank You from Jackie

Although Jackie knew that cards and donations were coming to our office for his birthday, he had no idea how many there would be, so he was completely surprised when he saw all the beautiful cards spread out in front of him. When he heard how much money his fans had sent, he was very happy. In honor of Jackie's 54th birthday, fans donated a total of US $2,378 (including onliine donations). That's a LOT of money!

Jackie was thrilled and we took these photos to share with you:

"Thank you."

Jackie has not had the time to go through and select the winners yet, so stand by and we will announce his decision soon here at the Kids Corner.


April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Jackie Contest

Birthday cards for Jackie continue to arrive at our office, most of them containing donations for the Build a School for a Dollar project. Originally we were going to post each card individually on our website, but there were too many! Instead we have taken some photos to show you all the beautiful cards and donations that have arrived. When Jackie returns to Hong Kong, he will be quite surprised!

Click on the adorable card below (which arrived at our office right after we finished taking photos of all the greetings) to see Jackie's birthday cards:

Click on me to see all of Jackie's cards!


April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Jackie Contest

Because of the overwhelming response to the Jackie Chan Birthday Card contest, we will not be posting any more individual cards here on the website. We're really sorry because we know that we promised to post each card, but there are just too many cards and more keep coming in every day.

When Jackie returns to Hong Kong after his publicity junket for The Forbidden Kingdom, we will arrange all the cards and take a picture of him with all the greetings and donations. You will be able to see your card with Jackie and then he can choose his favorites for the contest.

There's still a lot of time to send in your card since Jackie will be gone for a while. So if you haven't sent in your entry, please do so now. Here are the instructions. Remember, the prizes are all autographed by Jackie!

Most people who have sent cards have also sent in a donation for the Build a School for a Dollar project and we want to say a big thank you. We think you'll be very happy with the total!

Donation from JC Staff Member

As you know, Jackie has recently opened several Jackie Chan Cafes in the Asia-Pacific area. One of his staff members recently traveled to America and had a little money left over when he came back to Hong Kong. He immediately donated it to the Build a School for a Dollar project. A big thank you to Antonio, our JC Group "coffee guy."


Antonio makes a donation.


Chinese New Year Contest Thank You

Here's a photo of Valeria, Marco, and Monica wearing their Rob-B-Hood t-shirts which they received when they were three of the first fifty people to enter our contest.


We've also heard from two of our three Grand Prize winners:

Here's Raoni with Jackie's t-shirt from the Dragon's Heart trip in September 2007.


Here's winner Katharina's daughters Jette and Lotte wearing her winning shirt:


April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Jackie Contest

Take a look at some of the great cards that fans have sent for Jackie's birthday! Thank you to everyone who sent a card (or a card with a donation). Jackie will be very surprised and happy.

There's still plenty of time (a few weeks, really) to send a card since Jackie will not be in Hong Kong for his birthday this year. So if you've delayed sending your card, please do it now and Jackie will be sure to see it when he returns to Hong Kong.


March 25, 2008

Build a School for a Dollar Total Grows by Leaps and Bounds!

As many of you know, Jackie's father passed away last month. At his funeral, people donated a total of USD $2,564 in Baba's memory. Jackie decided to put the money into the Build a School for a Dollar fund, helping to bring this month's total up to USD $61,604. Thank you to Jackie for this thoughtful gesture.

We also received donations big and small from people all over the world. Some donated anonymously and some shared their stories with us. Jackie wants to thank everyone who has made a donation. Fans continue to figure out creative ways to raise money for the project and Jackie appreciates every single penny that is donated.

Soon we will reach our goal! Fans often donate money in honor of Jackie's birthday and we will add those donations to our total after April 7th.

Here's a photo of Jackie taken March 25 at his office. He was so happy to hear about the new Build a School total!


Jackie's Birthday Card Contest

Thank you to fans who have sent in birthday cards for Jackie. As soon as possible we will begin posting the cards on our website. For those of you who would like to send a card to Jackie, please take a look at our birthday card contest page. There are some great prizes this year and we encourage everyone to enter!


March 18, 2008

Color Easter Bunny Jackie!

Petra has designed an adorable Jackie coloring project for Easter. Click on the picture below to print out a black and white version to color in yourself!


February 23, 2008

It's Time for Another Birthday Card Contest!

Jackie was so touched by last year's cards and donations that we have decided to surprise him again this year. Click the banner below for information:

February 22, 2008

Big Build a School for a Dollar News!

US $55,308

Thanks to everyone who sent donations in for the Build a School project this past month! Jackie was thrilled with all the wonderful donation drawings, letters, cards, and online donations that came in recently.

We also want to thank two very nice women from the Hong Kong Tourism Board who made a large donation to the Build a School project. They attended Jackie's New Year party last week and won USD $1,794 in a lucky draw. A few days later they showed up at our office and donated the entire amount! Here they are with Jackie:

Hong Kong Tourism Board's Phoebe Shing (left) and Ernest Mak (right) with Jackie and the donation.

Jackie was so happy that he insisted we take lots of photos so he could show you his appreciation!



February 9, 2008

Jackie and K.C. Rat

Jackie took a look at all the wonderful things that fans have sent in recently and he wants to tell everyone how happy he is that you're working so hard to support the Build a School for a Dollar project (that is what he said). While he was looking through the Chinese New Year red envelopes (many of which contained a donation to the Dragon's Heart charity), someone hopped on his shoulder to lend a hand:


February 8, 2008

Jackie's Happy Chinese New Year Contest Is Over

A few more people sent designs for the contest in the last hours of February 7th, so they've been added to our contest page. However, the contest has officially ended and no more drawings will be accepted. We will announce the three grand prize winners as soon as Jackie picks his favorites. Check the front page of JackieChan.com for the official announcement when it arrives.


Another Thank You

Our old friend Autumn has sent a photo showing how delighted she was to receive her Rob-B-Hood t-shirt and tote bag. By now most of you have received your gifts and you know that we added the tote bag and/or dog tags as a special surprise. Thanks for the photo, Autumn!


A Few Additions

There are two new drawings in Jackie's Art Gallery and two new projects for our Movies That Weren't page. Thanks to everyone for sending in their work. If you've sent something in and don't see it posted, please send it again!

One Last Thing...

Iliass, the little guy on the right, sent in a drawing for the New Year's contest (his Mommy helped him a little, he said) and he wanted to send in his photo too. Here is Iliass (right) with his little brother Jalil. Thanks guys!

February 7, 2008

Jackie's Happy Chinese New Year Contest Ends February 7th

We will continue to accept entries until February 7th is ended everywhere in the world. Please hurry and send in your entry if you plan to be in this year's contest!

Jackie's Happy Chinese New Year Contest this year was a huge hit with fans from twenty-six different countries all around the world. We had entries from kids as young as 3 and as old as 83! Thank you to everyone who sent in an entry. Thank you especially for helping the webmaster by naming your files properly. It saved a lot of time in posting the 124 designs that we received!

If you sent a design and don't see it posted, please resend it to the webmaster by email and she'll post it right away. Apologizes to anyone who was overlooked. It was not intentional.

In case you're wondering what countries we received entries from, here are the twenty-six that we noted:

Australia, Austria, Brazil, Burma, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malta, Morocco, New Zealand, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Sweden, The Netherlands, USA, Vietnam

Now it's just a matter of time until the winner is announced. Please be patient as Jackie picks his three favorites. The three winners will receive one of the two autographed t-shirts or the polo shirt (autographed) from Jackie's Dragon's Heart trip in September.

To see all our entries, click on the happy little teacher rat:

Thank you to Sabine from Germany for drawing such a cute rat to help us guide people to this year's entries! (Actually, we stole the little rat from her New Year contest entry!)



February 6, 2008

K.C. Rat

Seems our little visitor was making the rounds at our office again this morning. Check out the latest photos and you'll see K.C. helping Fibe, visiting with a few stuffed friends, and hanging out with our good pal Ken Lo:


Thanks from Fans

It's always nice to hear from fans who've received gifts or prizes from Jackie. Thank you for sharing your photos with us!


Jackie's Happy Chinese New Year Contest: One More Day!

Fans have one more day to send in their contest entries. Remember, you could win one of Jackie's own shirts from his recent Dragon's Heart trip - and they're all autographed! Hurry if you want to send in an entry. To see the latest entries, click on our happy little teacher rat, below.


February 5, 2008

A Special Chinese New Year Visitor

Jackie's not in town right now, but today he had a visitor who made himself at home in our office anyway. Who is this little guy? His name is K.C. Rat and he was sent to us by a group of fans who also sent special Chinese New Year red envelopes (many with donations for Jackie's charity). We'll be sure to introduce K.C. to Jackie as soon as he's back to Hong Kong! In the meantime, K.C. wants to show you some photos he took when he arrived at our office. As soon as he got here, he raided the candy jar, ate some ice cream and fruit, then made himself a coffee. Afterwards, he went around the office taking photos with one of Jackie's award statues, some Buddy Bears, a Segway PT, and a cardboard Jackie. He even made a new friend. Here are K.C.'s photos:



January 30, 2008

More Chinese New Year Designs
and a Special Treat from Petra

Although there are no more gifts to send out, we continue to receive many wonderful drawings for Jackie's Happy Chinese New Year Contest. Thanks to everyone for sending in their beautiful designs. Jackie will be so happy to see how creative and talented all his fans are. Click our friendly teacher rat below to see all the designs:

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a note or photo to share their happiness with receiving their Rob-B-Hood gifts from the New Year Contest. Here are a few pictures we've received:

Thanks to our wonderful cartoonist, Petra, for sending a sweet coloring project for Valentine's Day. For those of you who don't know, Petra is our volunteer cartoonist and all the designs she sends us are posted in our Coloring Pages and in Petra's Gallery.

Click Jackie to print out a black and white version to color!


January 23, 2008

Two Related Stories in the Sharing Corner

We've been trying to catch up with all the wonderful things that fans have sent in for posting on our Kids Corner. Thanks to everyone for being so patient!

The two stories that are posted today were put up at the same time because they are related to each other in many ways. A group of fans from Europe found each other on our Kids Corner forum a few years ago. Since then, they have shared some wonderful experiences with each other and they credit their common love for Jackie with bringing them all together.

We love hearing stories of fans who have become friends across the miles because of their interest in Jackie. If you have a story to tell, please share it. We thank all of our contributors for their wonderful stories and beautiful photos.



January 22, 2008

Build a School Total Nears US $50,000!

It's hard to believe that in only a year and a half, Jackie's generous fans have sent in US $23,347, but it's true! We have three new stories on our Dragon's Heart Helper page about some creative ways fans have used to raise money for the project.

In addition to the fans donations, we also received US $364 from the Buddy Bear competition at the opening of the Jackie Chan Cafe in Kuala Lumpur in October. Thanks to everyone who participated and made a donation at the Cafe!

Jackie congratulates 10 year-old Jane Ng on her winning design.

A big thank you to everyone who has sent in a donation. Every bit helps!


January 21, 2008

Build a School for a Dollar Project

We will be posting the new total for the Build a School project soon, but in the meantime we would like to send a message to Ingrid and Anouk from Stuttgart. Your packet has arrived at our office safely and we are working on posting your story to our website. Thank you.


January 19, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year Contest News

There are several new designs at our Happy Chinese New Year Contest page. We now have 55 entries, which means that no one else will receive a gift for sending in a design. However, you are still eligible to win one of Jackie's own t-shirts, so send your drawing in before February 7th to enter the contest. Please follow the guidelines here for entering our contest.


January 18, 2008

New Buddy Bear Design

Look at the beautiful Buddy Bear Petra made in honor of the original "Teddy Bear" which has been around for over one hundred years.

Here's what Petra told us about her newest Buddy Bear:

This time it's an old fashioned "Button-in Ear" Teddy, like most of us had one in our childhood. Doing some research for the Buddy I found out something interesting: Did you know that the handicapped Margarete Steiff created her first Teddy bear in 1903. She sold most of those bears to the US. In the year 1953 her company made a 50th anniversary bear by the name "Jackie" !

Here is a photo of the original Steiff Jackie bear. This bear sold at an auction in 2007 for US $2,100.

Here is a replica:

Thank you to Petra for sharing her beautiful drawings with us here at the Kids Corner. Petra does all of our cartoons voluntarily and we really appreciate her!


Happy Chinese New Year Contest

A few more designs have been added and we're nearly out of prizes. However, remember that even after the 55 prizes are gone, you can still win one of Jackie's t-shirts! So hurry and send in your design.

Click here to see all the designs.


A Note About Things You've Sent to the Kids Corner

Several people have sent in stories and photos for our Sharing Corner in the past few months. Please be assured that we have not forgotten about you! We have your photos and stories here and will post them as soon as possible.

We also have a few odds and ends to share with everyone and will continue to work hard to get everything up onto the website. So even if you sent something a few months ago, don't worry -- we'll get it posted.

Dylan's Tennis Challenge

We've prepared a web page at our Build a School helpers section for Dylan's Tennis Challenge (click on link, below). If you haven't read about what this little guy is doing, you should drop everything and read it now! Dylan's Challenge will take place in May, so there will be plenty of time to make a pledge and we will post reminders here every so often.


January 14, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year Contest

More designs for Jackie's Happy Chinese New Year contest have been added today. Now we have a total of 45 drawings; that means there are only 10 more gifts left, so hurry up and send yours in!

Click here to see all the designs.


January 13, 2008

Seven Year-Old Helps Jackie Build a School

We were delighted to read some great news about a little boy in California who came up with a clever idea to raise money for Jackie's Build a School for a Dollar project. Dylan Stoutenburg is a seven year-old fan from Los Angeles, California who read about the project at our website and wanted to think of some way to help. He's an avid tennis player and has been involved in fundraising efforts before, and he came up with the idea of challenging himself to make 100 tennis serves at a local tennis court to raise money. He is recruiting sponsors to pay for each fair serve he makes. His personal goal is to get at least 50 of the serves in fair territory and his goal for the fundraiser is to raise over $1,000 for the Build a School program.

As soon as we read about Dylan we called his organization to encourage and thank him. We will keep you posted on the progress of Dylan's fundraising and hope that you will support him. You can read the whole story here.

Seven year-old Dylan Stoutenburg

We hope that Dylan's story will encourage other youngsters to get involved in our project. Dylan proves that you're never too young to make a difference. With a good idea and the support of the adults around them, kids of any age can help Jackie achieve his dream of an education for all children. Thank you Dylan!

Here is the email address where you can pledge money for Dylan's fundraiser.

In Case You Missed This

We've added a small informational page about the Dragon's Heart logo. Click here to read about it.

Also, the men who made the bicycle ride from Shanghai to Hong Kong have sent us a report complete with gorgeous photos of China. Click here to read about their trip and get the link download the .pdf file of their report.




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