One day we received a wonderful surprise in the Kids Corner mailbox. It was a note from Bea, a fan in Berlin, Germany, and she sent along some great photos to share with everyone. Please click the thumbnails to enlarge the photos.

Here is the first message from Bea:

Hi, my name is Bea. I come from Berlin, Germany. I send my photos just for fun:

This Buddy Bear stands in the
lobby of the City Hall in Berlin-
Kreuzberg, my workstation. On
the left is Egon, my team leader
and me on the right.

The FCA Buddy Bear is a mascot of a cleaning company.


The orange bear at an apothecary.


The green Buddy Bear stays near the entry of a clinic.


Soon we received another message and more great pictures from Bea:

Hi, here is again Bea from Berlin!  

I'm glad very much that you like my Buddy Bear photos and was surprised very much to find again them on My group leader Egon could hardly believe it when I told it him. He thought I made jokes. He cannot see the pictures because he is blind.

Today my son and I were on the Alexanderplatz, near the cinema "Cubix" (premiere place for "Around the World in 80 Days ") and the Berlin cathedral (Dom). We knew that there were also some Buddy Bears and everybody who we could find has taken photos. This has given big pleasure.

If Jackie should come once more to Berlin, he can stock up in the "Krawattenschmiede" with miniatures and have a look at the nice woodwork next door or shop. 

I hope you are glad about the photos.


Here are the pictures; click to enlarge:

Welcome Buddy Bear at the back of the CUBIX Cinema.

Blue Buddy Bear at the back of the CUBIX Cinema.

Buddy Bear at the Dome Aquaree.

Buddy Bear on the River Spree with my son Simon.

Buddy Bear in front of Checkpoint Charlie.

Buddy Bear Olympia at the Dome Aquaree.

Mini Buddy Bears in a shop window.

Buddy Bears inside a shop at the Near Berliner Dom.

Mini Buddy Bears in a shop window.
Bea also included a few more photos from her trip that she thought you'd enjoy:

The entry to Dom Aquaree with many, many butterflies.

Wooden motorcycle with little fan.

A little fan with Pinoccio.

Pinoccio's home.

Soon we received another note from Bea: 

Hi, here again is Bea from Berlin!  I send you pictures of the exhibit of the United Mini-Buddy-Bears in the Europa Center in Berlin. I have gone on Thursday there and have taken some photos of the nicest Buddy Bears for you. I hope you like them.

Best wishes


And here are Bea's photos; click to enlarge:







Football Buddy

Picasso Buddy

Japan, front and back

China and Germany side by side

The Golden Twins

Else Buddy, front and back

Center Buddy


Thank you to Bea for sharing all these wonderful Buddy Bear photos!


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