I Met Him! I Really Met Him!

A story by Miss Jordan Ryan, age 10

Jordan was going to Hong Kong with her Auntie. She had already packed her stuff with a picture of her mum and dad who were in Africa but who couldn't take her. "When will they be coming back? I miss them," said Jordan with a great yawn. "So where are we going again please?" she said. Her Auntie turned round with an egg on a plate with some bread. "Sorry, hon. I can't tell you when they will be coming back I think in about ten weeks ...oh and were going to Hong Kong." Jordan's face suddenly lit up "Where!?! Hong Kong ...YESSS!" Her Auntie nearly dropped her plate of food when she heard this."Calm down ..I know it's exciting. But there's no need to scream." She looked at Jordan with a calm smile and sat down. "Anyway, why are you so happy?" Jordan looked up at her with a shocked look. "Don't you know who's filming there right now? Don't you know??" Her Auntie looked up at her and shook her head. "Jackie Chan is filming there. I might see him."

As soon as they were on the plane Jordan couldn't stop thinking about it until they reached Hong Kong. Jordan and her Auntie were spending the night at a hotel by the woods. It took Jordan an hour to get to sleep but when she did she had a amazing dream about shaking his hand ..shaking the hand of the man who she had wanted to meet since she saw his first movie. When she woke in the morning she saw a bunch of camera men walk into the forest. The time was 6:30 am and her Auntie's clock was set for 11:00 am, so she got out of bed, got dressed, and ran down the stairs grabbing a scone off the trolly as she went past. Out the door there she saw a man with a posh car and short black dark hair. Was it him or just another man? She raced out to the woods and followed them!

When the car stopped you could just see the hotel top so she was all right but the man got out of the car in a black leather coat and turned round. It was him! It was really him, her hero! It was Jackie Chan! He saw her and walked over to her. Was this a dream or was this real? "H..hello sir." He smiled and put out his hand. Jordan didn't know what to do but then she did. She shook his hand. Jackie smiled and looked at her. "Hello. I am Jackie Chan. Pleasure to meet you." Jordan started to cry of happiness."Jordan Ryan. What an honour sir, to shake your hand." Jackie looked at her smiling and crying and gave a short laugh and passed her a tissue. "Here you go. I am so sorry I have to go now. I'm making a film." His face dropped but Jordan's face lit up with pleasure. "To meet you is the world's greatest dream but to shake your hand was my dream....and you don't know how happy I am now." Jordan smiled and bowed Jackie did the same. He got a piece of paper from his pocket and started to write

Dear Jordan,
It was a pleasure meeting you and shaking you hand, but now I have a film to do so I will have to go. Do hope we meet again ......if you were a bit older I would let you star in my film, but I can't!!!!!
Lots of love, Jackie Chan

Years passed and Jordan still kept his letter; the one that Jackie gave her.






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