Several months ago a fan in Germany thought of a great way to raise money for Jackie's Build a School project: a bake sale! Through the efforts of Silke and everyone else involved, US $61.00 was raised to help build a school for the poor children in remote areas of China. Well, they have done it again and this time they raised more than twice what they did before! Here's the letter from Silke:

Dear Jackie,

On March 3rd in my daughter’s high school was held a Day of Open Doors. Something like that is usual here in Germany every year in February or March to help the parents for choosing the right school for their children’s further education after the first 4 years in primary school. Many visitors use this opportunity every year to visit the school building almost from the ground to the roof, can get information about the school and it’s profile, getting to know the teachers and take a look behind the scenes of the daily routine in that school.

Since I’d known about this date it was my deep wish to use it once again for the possibility to collect money for your Build-a-School-project. That’s why I took my heart in my hands and talked about my wish at the last parents evening and asked for support. Many of the parents could remember for the last cake sale in October and its success. That’s why they agreed very quickly and promised their help too. Once again we decided to hold a cake sale. The delivery of many cakes, napkins, plates would promise and some students wanted to help to sell the cakes.

When Saturday came, I did put on my light blue “No Regrets” T-Shirt and waited for the cakes at a table in school. There were so many of them like I had never expected. Together with some of the students I did sold all the cakes. After four hours were only a few pieces left.

To inform the visitors about the reason for the cake sale and its goal I’d created wallpapers and flyers. Many visitors asked for closer information and I was happy to tell them about the project and your charity work. Some of them were really surprised because they didn’t know anything about it before and were very impressed too!

When I returned home and counted all the money in the box, I was amazed and very touched to find there the huge amount of 99,50 Euro (132 US $). That big success made me very happy! My special thanks goes to all the parents of my daughter’s classmates for the willing help and the delicious cakes, to the class teacher for her support with the organisation, and to the students for their help, that the cake sale was once again such a great event.
 I’m happy to help a little with that cake sale for the school project. And I would like to thank you very much for inspiring your fans for Charity. It is a fantastic feeling to help others and it a big pleasure too!

With love


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