Recently we received a letter from a fan in Germany who thought of a great way to raise money for Jackie's Build a School project. Through their efforts they raised US $61.00 to help build a school for the poor children in remote areas of China. Jackie wants to thank Silke and Maike from the bottom of his heart! Here's the letter and some great photos:

Dear Jackie,

Since we had read about the start of the "Build a school for a dollar" campaign for the first time, my daughter Maike and me often thought about something we could do additional to sending in our own donation drawings. When in September the new year in school began, I had suddenly the idea: “Why not Maike’s class also inspire to take part into the campaign?” I know in the class some Jackie’s fans who are surely would like to support the campaign too. And it could be also something new and important to learn for the kids, that education and going to a school isn't as normal as we think and experience here in Germany.

That’s why I wrote a letter to her class teacher and told her with it about Jackie’s longtime Charity work and the background of the campaign and asked for her support. Only two days later she called me back and we decided, that I should tell about the school project on the next parents evening, before she wanted to speak to the classmates herself. And so we did it.

Usually it is not my kind to speak in front of many people. That’s why I was very nervous at the beginning, but I've lost my nervousness while I did speak about Jackie’s Charity work in connection with the “Dragon’s Heart Foundation” and it’s goals and showed the pictures of the new built schools and some pictures of donations drawings to the parents. I could see the reaction in their faces and this encouraged me - they were impressed how much Jackie does for children! Unfortunately the most of the people only know him as an action star. I hope I could open the eyes of some of them for the warm hearted man "behind the action star".

On the parents evening we decided to make a cake sale, what should happen while a school break. The collected money would to be used for the donation. And on Friday 13th October finally was the cake sale and it was a big success! Almost all classmates were involved: they organized the tables and the napkins, wrote the signs with the prizes for every piece of cake, some of them collected the money and so many of them brought cakes and muffins. There were so many cakes and almost all were sold out during the first 15 minutes! To be honest I never had expected that big amount of 50 Euro (approximately 60 US$)! They were all very happy about this!

The counted money were changed from Euro in US $ and my daughter and me created a picture with it.

I would like to thank all the classmates of my daughter, their teacher and their parents for the support, that the cake sale was that big success. And I would like to thank Jackie for his inspiration to us also to do something for Charity. It is important to open the eyes for people who need our help.It was an easy way to help for every one of us with that cake sale and a big pleasure too. 

We wish also further a big success for the campaign. May the huge goal of building a school with donations of Jackie’s fans soon being reached!

With love
Silke and Maike

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