July 2009
Hong Kong


When we began the Build a School For a Dollar project, we had no idea what kind of response we would get from Jackie's fans. If you've been following the progress, you know that there has been a huge amount of support from all over the world. We've heard from hundreds and hundreds of fans and the dollars have been coming in steadily. Sometimes we get a dollar at a time, sometimes a hundred. People send what they can and any amount is helpful! Jackie says, "Every little bit makes a difference." And this project has shown that to be true.

When we started the project, we had hoped to be able to scan and post all the beautiful drawings that fans sent in. We soon realized that would be impossible; there were too many! Instead we have been grouping the projects together, photographing them, and posting those photos on our website. When Jackie is not in Hong Kong, we send him the photos through email and we tell him what is going on with the project. He has mentioned the Build a School for a Dollar many times at press conferences, during interviews, and in his online journals. He is so happy and appreciative of the support his fans have shown for the poor children of China and for his charity work. He thanks you from the bottom of his heart. (Those were his exact words.)

We try to photograph Jackie with the donations whenever it's possible. We have a section of the Build a School for a Dollar pages where we feature special helpers. However, not everyone is featured there for one reason or another. Some people send in money anonymously. (The largest anonymous donation was US$1,000 and the smallest was one yuan.) Some people don't send photos or they just write a quick note. Some send photos with no story! The point is that we appreciate all the donations, not just those that are featured on our website.

So, a big THANK YOU to all the kids who did extra chores, sold cookies, or broke open their piggy banks. To all of the students from China who are on limited budgets, but who send money anyway. Thanks to those of you who are wealthy and who open your wallets to help our project. Thanks to the teachers and moms who've organized bake sales, and fund raisers. Thanks to those of you who donate quietly and those who donate with fanfare. To the group of Korean fans who regularly send donations along with beautiful drawings. The little boy in America who donates his allowance every week. To all of you who are mentioned here and to all who are not.

Jackie appreciates each of you. In fact, he has so much regard for your drawings that he is collecting each and every one of them and will display them at his JC Studio in Hong Kong!

Katharine Schroeder

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