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Sometimes it seems that there is a Big Plan for the way things work out in our world. For an example, we will share the story of an anonymous contributor to the Build a School project.

It began with an email from a woman who asked not to be identified. She wrote in requesting some more information about the Build a School project. She wanted to make a contribution, but wanted to remain anonymous. She said that long ago, someone had helped her and with her contribution to the project, she had "...begun to repay a kindness given to me in my time of great need." Soon an envelope from this woman arrived at our office with a very large (and anonymous) donation:

Now many of you may remember that when Jackie was a child, he was very poor. Upon receiving help from someone, he asked how he could pay this person back. He was told to return the kindness someday; pass it on by helping someone else in need. Jackie has done just that, and it seems that so has our anonymous donor. But the story doesn't end there.

As you can see there is a photo of a black and brown dog on the donation drawing above. We found out more about this dog and want to share it with you for a few reasons. First, this is a very special dog. And second, we were struck by all the similarities between the story we heard and things we know about Jackie.

As it turns out, the little dog in the photo above is now a big dog; a dog named Lollipop. Three years ago, he was "thrown away, like garbage" and was rescued by his owner and trained as a service dog. Here is what she told us about Lollipop:

I hope people read about him and realize that live animals are not trash. He is now being trained to pull carts and wheelchairs. He was thrown away at 10 weeks. He went through physical therapy to regain the use of his legs. I completed the therapy and started training him. He will retrieve any object a person asks for. This dog is perfect for his working life. He just loves everyone so much. He is 100% reliable.

Here is a recent photo of Lollipop. He is demonstrating how to compact trash and put it into a trash can. His owner brings him to schools to show children that trash belongs in a can and not on the ground:


Here is a photo of Draco (named after the dragon constellation), another Service Dog. When she was rescued at the age of 9 months, her feet had never touched grass and she was terrified of everything. She has recovered and is now a Therapy Dog in great demand . Here she is demonstrating how to crush plastic bottles for disposal:

And here's our own Jackie teaching a crowd of students in China about crushing bottles:


After hearing Lollipop's story, we were sure that it was meant to be told because of the many coincidences we noticed:

  • Dogs named after dragons. Charity named Dragon's Heart.
  • Dogs crushing garbage. Jackie crushing garbage.
  • Dogs crushing plastic water bottles and teaching others to do so. Ditto Jackie.
  • Returning a kindness from long ago.

Well, even if you don't believe in a Big Plan or Destiny, it's still a great story and it was a remarkably generous donation from Lollipop's owner. We thank her for the donation and for sharing the story of her remarkable Dragon Dogs.


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