by Kitty Engelmoer

From the 12th to 14th October 2007 I took part at a private fan gathering in Austria. Five fans of Jackie’s from 4 countries and their families came to Lustenau in Austria to spend a weekend together, dedicated to our common favourite actor and hero Jackie Chan.

You may wonder about the title of the story and I almost can hear your words “What shirt is she talking about?” Well, let me tell you at first the story of this very special shirt.

Last year I took part at the “Jackie Chan Friendship Tour” in Hong Kong and near the end of the party on the first day I got a big surprise. Every participant of the party had a star under their chair and for every color of the star a present was given by JC Group to the fans. Under my chair was a black star and the prize for this star was to choose one part of the clothes that Jackie was wearing that day. Well, I was the second fan who could choose and I chose his shirt.

I received it the next day and from this time on I keep it as a precious treasure. For me this shirt has the energy of Jackie, received more than three hundreds hugs, unites even more good wishes and dreams from all the fans who have touched Jackie during the photo session at the end of this event. I only take it out of its bag and wear it when I’m on charity mission for the “Build-A-School-For-A-Dollar” project.

When I received the invitation for this fan gathering I came up with an idea. I wanted to take the shirt with me and to use it for fund raising. And so I did.

In the afternoon of the second day of the gathering I laid the bag with the shirt on the table. Immediately the room became quiet because everyone of the participants did already know the story of the shirt. All of them wanted me to take it out and wanted to see it. But I had an even better idea.

So I said to them: “Okay, you can see the shirt and you can WEAR it, but you have to pay a donation for the school project for this opportunity. It is not important, how much you want to give. Much more important is, why you give the money.” All of them agreed without a moment of hesitation.

During the following photo session I could see the bright shine in their eyes when they were wearing the shirt and every one of us had goose bumps all over the body. We shared some very special and very emotional moments. Nobody wanted to give the shirt back (of course they all did) and all of them admired the shirt’s design and they also saw, that Jackie must have worn it more then once.








At the end of the photo session I found the amount of 150 Euros (US $200) on the table, given by 5 fans of Jackie’s and me for the school project.

We all hope it will help to reach the goal of the project a little bit faster. We all admire Jackie’s great charity work and we love to support him also in that way.

On the attached photos you can see all the joy of the fans given the opportunity to wear this special shirt. The energy of the shirt is still working.

The Netherlands

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