May 2009

Dear Mr. Chan,

We are very happy that we can donate 215€ (US $305) from our fifth Day of Calligraphy for Dragon's Heart. Together with the money from selling stones and selling Anouk's old children's books on the internet (thanks to our good friend Gabi), we can happily give 685€ and US$20 altogether [a total donation of US $994]. As we travel to Hong Kong for the first time, we can bring the money in person and some of the white marble stones, with which we could raise so much money.

As pictures tell much more than words, have a look at the photos from the Day of Calligraphy and all the concentrated faces of the children. Time and again we were amazed at the huge interest of the families and their children in Chinese culture and language, and the ongoing success of the white marble stones with the Chinese characters.

We also send you some One-Dollar pictures from children and parents. In the last two and a half years we have sent 3,455 Euros and US $20 [a total of US 4,915] and we will continue raising money for Dragon's Heart. We not only greatly enjoy it; it also gives us the good consciousness of helping poor children and giving them a better perspective for their lives.

Lots of greetings,

Anouk & Ingrid Ehreiser on behalf of ‘Initiative zur Foerderung hochbegabter Kinder e. V.’


Ingrid and Anouk deliver their donation to Jackie's office in Hong Kong.






Here are some photos from the Day of Calligraphy:












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