October 4, 2007

Dear Jackie,

We are the 2nd graders in Mrs. Phillips' class. We are lucky enough to have a great school called Garner Elementary in Clio, Michigan. We are a part of the United States of America.

Our teacher (who is a HUGE fan of yours) found out about this project from your website. She showed your site to us. We thought it was so sad that so many kids like us didn't have places to learn. We decided to send you money to help build schools.

We earned the money by doing chores like cleaning our rooms, helping dad fix cars, cleaning the cat's litter box, cleaning pools, picking up the living room, doing dishes, cleaning pet cages, vacuuming, dusting, picking up frogs, babysitting, and mopping the floor. We hope the money helps to make a difference for kids who need it!

Good luck!
Mrs. Phillips' Class

P.S Thank you for all the great things you do to help others! YOU ROCK!


Unfortunately, we don't have a photo of Mrs. Phillips' class with the donation drawings, but we took a photo of the pictures to show you:

We counted US$ 71.00 in donations from Mrs. Phillips' students! Thank you to Mrs. Phillips and her class for the beautiful drawings, the donations, and all the hard work for the Build a School for a Dollar project.



If you'd like to make any size donation online, please click here and choose "Dragon's Heart Foundation" from the drop down menu.

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