Dear Jackie,
I have kept my promise and collected money for the Build a School for a Dollar project. When the weather was fine I played clarinet on the street and the people gave money to me. In the weeks before Christmas my sister and I baked cookies with the recipe of my Mum. We made 760 coconut macaroons with orange flavour and chocolate. We took some pictures, so you can have a look. Here is our donation and we hope it helps many children in China to go to school. The amount we received is 106.45 Euros. We changed them into US dollars and received $133.

We promise, Sophia and me, to go on collecting money for your charity work. For Easter we will bake bunnies and sell them. Then we will write to you again.

With love,
Constantin and Sophia
Hamburg, Germany

February, 2007

Here are Constantin and Sophia's photos. Please click thumbnails to enlarge.

For Christmas Sophia and Constantin sold coconut macaroons.

It is an old family recipe. They made 760 for different projects.

Some of the cookies.

Here is one of the little stands
Sophia and Constantin made out
of a carton.

Sophia is very proud selling her
cookies and some decorations.
She liked it very much!

Constantin is also proud of selling cookies and decorations they made.

Constantin playing his clarinet in the city of Hamburg on a beautiful day.

Playing on a cold day. Constantin's taken lessons for 4 years.

They printed out some sheets telling the people why Constantin was asking for money.


Everyone is very proud of the work that Constantin and Sophia are doing to help the Dragon's Heart Foundation build schools for poor children in remote China. Jackie always hopes people will see the charitable work he does and feel moved enough to do something as well. Sophia and Constantin are living proof that this can happen. The actions of one person can influence those of another.

Constantin and Sophia worked hard to earn the US $133 and we are very thankful to them. If you look at their smiling faces, you will believe that helping others can make you a very happy person!



We thought it would be interesting to show you what Constantin and Sophia's US $133 will do. See all the children in this photo? There are about 15 kids in this picture and the money that Sophia and Constantin earned will send ALL of these kids to school for an entire year!

If you'd like to make any size donation online, please click here and choose "Dragon's Heart Foundation" from the drop down menu.

Or send your donation to:

Build-a-School Project
c/o The JC Group
No. 70 Pak To Avenue, Clear Water Bay Road, Sai Kung, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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