Dear Teachers, Scout Leaders, and/or Parents,

The Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids is a branch of Jackie's
International Fan Club and is based in the United States, not
in Hong Kong. Although the club is supported by Willie Chan,
Jackie Chan, and Solon So, it is not run by the JC Group. It
is run by a single individual in New York and is done so on
a volunteer basis.
Therefore, I am asking you not to send personal letters to
Jackie, requests for autographs, invitations, etc. to the Kids
Club P.O. Box because there is not enough staff or money to forward these things to Jackie in Hong Kong.

Many times teachers will instruct students to write a letter to
a hero (i.e. Jackie) or will have their classes send a request
for a donation to a good cause, etc. Scout leaders often send
letters asking for Jackie to acknowledge a youngster's good
deeds or advancement. Jackie has been sent invitations to
ceremonies, parties, and services at the Kids Club address.
None of these invitations or announcements have reached
him. Mail sent to the Kids Club post offic box that is NOT
related to the Kids Club is discarded. No mail is forwarded
to Jackie in Hong Kong. The time and the cost of doing so would make it impossible to run the club.

Therefore, I plead with you NOT to have the children write to
Jackie at the Kids Club address. Do not send Scout announcements
or invitations to this address; they will not reach him. If you
want to send anything to Jackie then please email me (
and I will give you his address in Hong Kong.

Thank you for understanding. I'm sorry that it has to be this way.

Katharine Schroeder
The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids