The Story of The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids

**NOTE: The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids was disbanded in 2003 along with all of Jackie's fan clubs (except the Japan Fan Club)**

Once upon a time in a little school district on the East End of Long Island, New York, there was a sixth grade teacher who was a big big fan of Jackie Chan. She was such a big fan that she wanted to share her love for Jackie with all the students in her class. She talked to them about Jackie and they in turn talked to her about their heroes and role models. Well this teacher was a little concerned about some of the people that her students looked up to. She felt that they weren't really very good role models at all. So she talked more about Jackie and the good work he did and the clean life he led. They listened. They became more and more interested in Jackie and wanted to know more about him. So the teacher showed them some of Jackie's movies and told them about Jackie's life...about how he was very poor when he was young and about how he worked so very hard. She told them about the charity work he did and about his pride in his Chinese heritage.

That is how the Jackie Chan Classroom was started. The teacher started including Jackie in her lessons. She made up worksheets that were both educational and funny. When she was teaching her class about China, she included lessons on the Chinese New Year. And when Jackie's birthday rolled around, they celebrated with Chinese food, birthday cake, and a Jackie Chan movie. They sent handmade birthday cards to Jackie in Hong Kong. Jackie was very pleased.

Now this teacher got to thinking that it would be fun to have a fan club for Jackie that was especially for kids. So she got together some ideas and sent them to Hong Kong. Jackie and Willie loved the idea! Soon, The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids was born.

And that's the story of how The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids started. How do I know? Well, I'm that sixth grade teacher, Katharine Schroeder. And I'm the one who started the club!

[Read the club's Mission Statement. A Mission Statement states the purpose of a club or organization.]


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The club's first newsletter,
December, 2000

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Jackie and Kath holding the Kids Club logo (Toronto, 2001)