The Story of the Smash Cake

by Katharine Schroeder

When Jackie was in Toronto filming The Tuxedo, set up a "Bagel Cam" in the area where the cast members ate. The Bagel Cam was a little web camera which transferred tiny "movies" of everything that was going on in the dining room. Fans could watch and look for their favorite stars to appear. It looked like this:

One day, the person who provided the food for the cast mentioned that she had made a cake which Jackie "devoured" because he loved it so much. She called it an Oreo™ Smash Cake but she didn't give a recipe. So I decided to try to make the cake. I searched the Internet for the recipe but found nothing like what she had described. (She had said simply to "use a good chocolate cake mix and make it with milk") Not a lot to go on.

So I bought a bunch of different cake mixes and I experimented in the kitchen (much to the happiness of my friends and family who got to taste my attempts). Soon, I had what I thought was the perfect Smash Cake recipe. Why don't you see what YOU think!



The Recipe

Cake Ingredients:
1 box Betty Crocker Super Moist Devil's Food cake mix
1 bag (18 oz.) Double-Stuf Oreo cookies, crushed into large chunks
1 1/3 cups whole milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Grease a 12-cup Bundt cake pan using Crisco or butter.
In a large bowl, combine cake mix, milk, oil, eggs. Mix for one minute by hand or with beater set on low speed. Mix in crushed cookies. Pour mixture into Bundt pan and place on middle shelf of preheated oven. Bake for one hour and 15 minutes. Knife inserted in middle will come out clean when it's done.
Allow cake to cool for about 30 minutes before you remove from pan. While cake is cooling, prepare glaze.

In microwave or over double-boiler, melt together:
one cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
3 tablespoons Crisco vegetable shortening
3 tablespoons of milk
one tablespoon of corn syrup

Drizzle glaze over top of cake. Add Oreo cookies for garnish if you like.

Refrigerate and serve when chilled.

Note: It's very important NOT to over-crush the cookies. They should be broken into halves or thirds. This seems to allow some of the "white stuff" to remain after the baking process. I dumped the whole bag of cookies into a Ziploc bag and carefully "smashed" them. If you stray from the recipe, the cake will be very different. Good luck!


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