by Debi Younce

How refreshing to discover that this big world can still be changed by the smallest gesture. My 4 year-old grandson Tyler Blackall brought this lesson to my heart.

One Sunday while leaving church I held him on my lap as my husband helped Tyler's mother and sister, Khalie into our car. My daughter Dorie was very stressed over money problems and sad about the upcoming holidays. She, the children, and their father had moved several times, stayed with different family members and were still struggling to get a home of their own.

At some point I changed the subject telling her about the latest Jackie Chan music CD I had recieved earlier that week. Hearing Jackie's name got Tyler's attention. (He and I are devoted fans.) Tyler looked up at me and asked simply if Jackie Chan was rich. Realizing he had been listening to our conversation about money, I tried to choose my words carefully. I told him YES Jackie Chan is rich but I added that he had worked very hard to earn his money and gives a lot of that money to help poor children and others all over the world. Tyler was studing my face. He asked me if I would write Jackie a letter, inside I cringed a little.

Honestly I did not expect what happened next. I was sure he was going to ask if we could write a letter to ask Jackie for money....shame on me. Instead Tyler reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a ten cent coin. He asked me to send it to Jackie to help the poor kids. Taken by surprise I promised him I would. Looking at his sweet face I just could not tell him a 10 cent coin would not do much to help the poor... again shame on me. My husband thought it was sweet when I taped that dime to a piece of paper and sent a letter to Jackie Chan's Hong Kong Offices. I figured someone would open the letter, smile and that would be the end of it. He thought it might mean a little more. For the last time... Shame on Me.

A few weeks later my husband came from the mailbox with a large envelope in his hands and tears in his eyes. Enclosed we found an autographed photo of Jackie holding my letter with Tyler's dime attached. In Jackie's other hand was a written BIG KISS for Tyler ! Also there was a personal letter from some one named Kath, sharing Jackie's pride and words of encouragment for him to keep up the good work and the cutest comment about having used recycled office paper to send the BIG KISS.

Tyler was thrilled. He was interviewed for our local newspaper, saying his biggest wish would be to visit Jackie Chan in Ping Pong. Keep in mind he is only four. It was only later I learned who Kath was, and am so greatful for the overwelming attention both she and Jackie Chan showered upon this very small boy. I discovered later on this Web Site just how much this gift truly inspired Jackie. To my delight he has shared this story many times proving how deeply he was touched, along with his promise to devote even more of his time and resorces to charity work. I feel proud when the news makes any comment involving Jackie and his remarkable charity works.

I can't help but feel in a small way, that by putting a stamp on an envelope and keeping a promise to a little boy I made a difference. How many times have we hesitated to do the smallest thing to help someone else believing it was not enough to make a difference? And what does it say about the heart of an internatinal star like Jackie Chan to be so touched by 4 year old boy's little silver dime?


Thank you to Tyler for his generosity and thanks to Debi for telling his story.



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