The Little Dragons Who Lost Their Way

by Christine Engelmoer

Age 10
The Netherlands

Once upon a time there were two little dragons their names were Smokey and Goldie. Smokey is a little boy dragon, they called him Smokey because he was always blowing smoke out of his nose. Goldie is a pretty little girl dragon, they called her Goldie because she had two beautiful little golden wings.

They were playing in the garden when their mother called them: Smokey!! Goldie!! it's time to go to school". "Now you better hurry up, you have a long way to go !!". And so they started on their journey. It was a very long and hard journey. They had to climb two mountains, walk through a dark forest and cross a very wide river. They were only little dragons and their wings were not yet big enough to be able to fly all the way, so they had to walk most of the way. All of a sudden Goldie stopped walking and said: "We should be there by now shouldn't we?" Smokey said "Yes you are right but where is the school!!!

I think that we are lost!!!! OH NO!!! said Goldie and she started to cry. As they both sat there crying a man came out of the forest and walked up to them and said "Hallo, my name is Jackie Chan, why are you crying?" The little dragons stopped crying and looked at Jackie. After a little sniff they told Jackie that they had walked over two mountains, walked through a dark forest, crossed a very wide river to get to their school but now they think that they are lost because they can't find the school. "That's a long way to travel to go to school", Jackie said, " isn't there a school near your village that you can go to?" "No there isn't" said Goldie. "The nearest one is on the other side of the mountains". The little dragons started to cry again. Jackie felt very sorry for the poor little dragons and decided that he wanted to help them. "Are there more little dragons like you"? asked Jackie. "Yes" they said "there are lots of dragons just like us". "Well then" said Jackie "I have an idea". "Why don't we build a school for your village?" "But we don't know how!!" said the little dragons. "I know how to build a school" said Jackie "but I am going to need your help, will you help me?" "YES OF COURSE WE WILL!!!" said the little dragons very excited. "Okay then" said Jackie. "Let's go back to your village and talk to the other dragons and see if they will help us build a school. And so they did.

It was a very long way back to their village and Jackie realised how difficult it must be for these little dragons to walk this far everyday. It made him even more determined to help them. When they got back to the village Goldie and Smokey ran up to their house and called to their mother to come outside. They introduced her to Jackie and told her what had happened, that they got lost on their way to school and how they met Jackie. Then they told her all about his idea of building a school here in the village. As they were talking all the other dragons came out of their houses and listened to Jackie's idea. "What a good idea!!!" they all said. "Let's get started then" said Jackie. "First we must make a drawing so we can see what the school should look like". "Who has an idea, what do you think the school should look like?" They all gathered around Jackie and started to give him their idea's and while they were talking he started to draw. When the drawing was finished he held it up and said "Well, what do you think?" "ITS PERFECT!!!" they all shouted. In the meantime the people who lived in the neighbouring villages heard about the plan to build a school and came to help the dragons. They bought all kinds of materials and tools with them to build the school. And now it was time to get to work.

It wasn't easy but they all worked very hard and the school was finished in no time. It was a very big school with lots of classrooms, a gym and a beautiful garden. When they had finished building the school they held a big party to celebrate and everyone was invited. During the party the oldest dragon came up to Jackie and said: "On behalf of all the dragons and the people from the neighbouring villages I would like to thank you. You have the heart of a dragon." Smokey and Goldie then said "We haven't thought of a name for the school yet". Goldie said "How about Jackie Chan Dragon Heart School". Everbody agreed. Jackie said that he felt very honoured that they named the school after him and he promised to visit them often to see how they were getting on. It was time to say goodby. Jackie gave everyone a big hug and went on his way. And they all lived happily ever after.



To learn more about the real Dragon's Heart Foundation building schools in poor areas, click here.



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