The Medallion

a review by Katharine Schroeder

The Medallion, which opened nationwide in the USA on August 22nd, is a really funny movie. It has been described as an action-comedy and that description holds true. From the action-packed first scenes until Eddie and Nicole fly off together in the final scene, the movie is just one heck of a good time.

The Medallion tells the story of a plot by the evil Snakehead (Julian Sands) to steal a medal which would grant its owner immortality and super powers. In order to obtain the medallion, the life of a young boy is put at risk. Eddie Yang (Jackie Chan) comes to the rescue, sacrificing everything to save the boy. In return for this, the boy uses the medallion to restore Eddie's life and give him amazing powers. Eddie uses these powers to fight the evil Snakehead and save the boy once again.

Eddie is teamed up with Arthur Watson (Lee Evans) with hysterical results. Evans, the Jim Carrey of the UK, and Jackie make a great team with Jackie playing straight man to Lee's very funny antics. The Medallion also has a romantic sub-plot with Claire Forlani playing Nicole, Jackie's former girlfriend. There is a comfortable chemistry between Jackie and Claire and their fondness for each other comes across clearly in the movie.

Critics have complained that the plot was confusing but I spoke to several youngsters after the film, directly asking them if they thought it was confusing. "No, why?"

I have also read that some critics were complaining that there was no explanation for Watson's wife (Christy Chung) surprising everyone with her martial arts skills and her arsenal of weaponry at the ready. No, there was no explanation, but an explanation was not necessary. Watson had his "little secret" and she obviously had hers. Why not allow the audience to draw its own conclusions about that? Another critic said that there was no explanation for the motorcycle ride.

I recommend this film to all. It is fun and full of action. It has an interesting main plot and several interesting sub-plots. And by the way....all the moms, grandmas, dads, and babysitter-types who were escorting their kids to this screening were laughing along with the rest of us!