Here are some thoughts from Kids Corner Forum visitors about why they love Jackie:

  • His cool, great and fabulous movies and his personality too. I think that he is the best person in all the world, he is my idol in all the aspects.
    Thanks to Jackie I love the Chinese culture, everyday I think of him because he is a great role model and he helped me to believe I can realize my dreams.
  • I love Jackie for his fabulous movies, his caring and kind heart, his smile and everything about him. In one of my favorite old Hollywood movies, "Charade" with Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant, Audrey says to Carey " Do you know what's wrong with you?"
    "No, what?" Carey says.
    "Absolutely nothing!" Audrey says smiling. "Absolutely nothing" is the same answer I would give to Jackie!!
  • I love Jackie Chan because he does his own stunts, he works very, very hard, he is the best choreographer, his movies are great, he does good stuff for charity and many more reasons.
  • Just the best role model you can have.
  • His caring heart, he's a hard worker, a good person, he's funny, he's always cheerful.
  • I love JC the best of all of my favorite people because:

    he's my guardian angel
    he makes me feel safe
    he inspires me in everything I do mostly
    I depend on him to do the best to succeed in everything!!!!!!!!!
    when I'm down he keeps me up by being funny

    I love him the best of all for who he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I like Jackie Chan because he has the kindest heart. So many people around him have full respect of him, especially the people of Hong Kong. He needs no bodyguard because people just love him so much and they have so much respect. He is a worldwide superstar and has opened the hearts of many viewers and fans. When I watch Jackie Chan movies with my granddad we laugh and have great fun and I really enjoy that. His movies are great; he is great and is a great influence on children. Jackie Chan was put on this earth to entertain people and he did that job well and not only that but he has helped many other people across the world. Without Jackie Chan I would not be the person that I am and without Jackie Chan I would have never known Kath and all the great fans.
  • Because Jackie is kind person. His heart is very very soft. And he is very handsome (!) and very very very very sweet like that
    And I love him very much...
  • Hehee, yes, he is very cute.
  • Well I love Jackie because he works very hard at what he does and I truly admire him. His films make me feel happy when I'm sad and his music makes me feel relaxed when I'm stressed. He is a wonderful person with the time he gives others and the charity work that he does. He is great!
  • I admire Jackie because he is a positive influence and role model for our children. And Jackie is like a living Buddy Bear. He encourages tolerance and international understanding. And like the Bears, he brings together people from all corners of the world.
  • Jackie is in my heart because he is so kind and nice to every body he meets.
    He has that human need to live and feel good. He makes me to feel good. When I am in a sad mood I put a CD or film in my DVD and after I feel sooooo goood!!
    He makes people happy and of course he is very very cute!!! I love him!!
  • His movies are family friendly and innocent compared to other movies. People could watch them without being afraid that explicit scenes will come up or a lot of swearing. Relaxed movies, so to speak. It shows that you can make action packed and well loved movies just fine within boundaries.
  • I will respond on behalf of my son. My son has told me many times why he likes Jackie so much so here goes:

    My son likes Jackie Chan because he is strong, fights very well and he knows everything about martial arts that there is to know.

    He also likes Jackie Chan because he makes funny, interesting, entertaining movies.

    My son says that he thinks Jackie is the kindest person in the whole wide world. He thinks of others and cares for those who needs help the most.
    I like (love) Jackie Chan because he influences me in many many great things in every one of his ways!!!!!!! He is VERY understanding and helpful to MANY people!!!

  • I want to tell you the reasons, why my daughter like Jackie (and me too):

    - because of his unbelievable fitness
    - his smile
    - he is very handsome
    - his kind of fighting and doing his own stunts
    - he brings with his movies a lot of joy and happiness
    - he is a very good singer
    And I admire him also for this great Charity work!

  • Everything I wanted to write about Jackie's beautiful movies and his skill was written already. I admire him for his willingness always to help anybody, for his gracious heart, for his kindness, for his love to elderly people and poor children, for his ability to forgive to everyone. He is our big teacher. Thank you, Jackie.
  • He makes you feel that everything you have felt and wished is ok with him and makes you want to strive to be a better person. I like Jackie because despite all the hardships and pain of his youth, he never gave up. He worked very hard until he reached his goals and now he works for peace and charity and international understanding. And despite other adversity in his grownup life, everywhere he goes he brings lots and lots and lots of smiles!