If you are confused and wondering what is going on with the Kids Club and with the Jackie Chan Fan Clubs in general, keep reading. All (or most) of your questions will be answered below!

Question: Is the Kids Club finished? Gone? Kaput?

Answer: Well, that's not an easy question to answer. Let's see...The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids is not going to be around anymore in the same way that you're used to. However, all of the wonderful things that you love about the Kids Club will still be around....they are just going to be a little different!

Question: What do you mean?

Answer: The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids used to be one of the branches of Jackie's International Fan Club. Now Jackie has just one official fan club: The Jackie Chan International VIP Club. The Kids Club has merged with the International VIP Club, which is Internet based.

Question: But my membership in the Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids doesn't expire for a while....will I keep getting my paper newsletter?

Answer: Oh yeah! You will get a newlsetter mailed to your house until the end of your membership. You will also get a free one year membership to Jackie's VIP club at www.jackiechan.com which ends in September, 2004!

Question: I love the Kids Club website! What will happen to it now?

Answer: Good question! The Kids Club website will become the "Kids Corner" section of Jackie's official website. Right now there will be a link from the official website to the old Kids Club website. Soon, most of the things that are on the Kids Club site will actually BE on Jackie's official site.

Question: What do you mean by "most" of the things?

Answer: Well, the photo albums probably won't be moved over. This is because we don't have the photo credits for a lot of the pictures that are in those albums. The Kids Corner webmaster will make new photo albums someday!

Question: Speaking of webmasters, who is going to be the webmaster of the Kids Corner?

Answer: Katharine Schroeder (You know her as "Kath"). She was the webmaster of the Kids Club website and now she will be doing the Kids Corner. She was hired by the JC Group to manage and develop the Kids Corner. So you see, the Kids Corner will be much like the Kids Club website!

Question: Will there still be awesome contests for kids?

Answer: Definitely. We'll still do the contests as we have in the past and we will add new contests as the webmaster thinks of them.

Question: Why is all this happening?

Answer: The biggest reason why the fan clubs have been reorganized is stated on Jackie's official site: To better serve the fans. With one central fan club, information will be more organized and events will be easier to coordinate.

Question: What about the newsletter? Will you still be doing the newsletter?

Answer: Yes. The newsletter will be posted in the Kids Corner for you to read. And it will be even better because all the photos and drawings will be in color!

Question: Is the Kids Club president sad about what has happened?

Answer: NO WAY!!! Just the opposite! She is thrilled to be a staff member of the JC Group and she knows that without having to do all the paperwork for the Kids Club she will have more time to make the website awesome! Hey....everyone has dreams, right? Kath used to daydream about what it would be like to work for Jackie....and now she does! See? Dreams can come true.

If you still have questions about what has happened with the Kids Club, what is going on with the Kids Corner, or anything else, drop the webmaster an email!



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