Since Jackie is so enamored of the Buddy Bears, a special gift was sent to him in Hong Kong which consisted of all the Buddy Bear designs which have been sent to the Kids Corner these last few months. If you sent a Buddy Bear design through the regular mail, the drawing was given its own page in the book and was labeled with the title and your name. If you sent a design by email, your bear was printed out on a page with other bears and labeled with your name and the title of the bear as well! Here's what the book looks like:
This is the cover of the Buddy Bear book for Jackie. You can see the United Buddy Bears logo, the special Golden Bears which were created by Buddy Bear founder Eva Herlitz, Jackie with a Buddy in Berlin, and the banner that announced the Buddy Bear display in Hong Kong for this May.
Here is one of the pages of Buddy Bears which were sent through email and then printed out together with labels. Can you spot YOUR Buddy Bear?
This is how the Buddy Bears look inside the book. They each have a page and they are labeled.
This is the first page of the book. It shows Jackie perched atop a Buddy Bear in Berlin and the letter that the Kids Corner webmaster wrote to Jackie.
A page of Buddies from kids all over the world.
Here is a page of Buddy Bears which were printed out and labeled for the book.




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