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by Katharine Schroeder

My first visit to the JC Group office on Waterloo Road was on August 4th. I was invited there to meet with a JC Group staff member to arrange the events for the week. After asking the manager at my hotel to write down the address in Chinese for the cab driver, I got into a taxi and was on my way. I was pretty nervous; this was my first trip to the JC Office!

The first thing I noticed as the taxi pulled up was the huge banner of Chinese masks which hung on the front of the building. I could see it from my taxi as we drove up to the building! As I approached the gate, I could hear a lot of commotion on the other side of the wall. Rounding the corner, I entered the courtyard of the JC Offices and saw workmen everywhere. They were builiding a wall along one side. I noticed that a giant tire was actually being incorporated into part of the wall. It looked like it might be the tire from the huge machine Jackie drove in Mr. Nice Guy.

I gathered my nerve, took a deep breath, and approached the front door.

View of Waterloo Road from the footbridge. Jackie's office is down on the left.
Workmen were building the wall right around the tire. (Click image to see larger view)
Here's what you see when you round the corner after entering the gate - the Waterloo Road offices of the JC Group!
A close-up of one of the masks on the large banner hanging on the building.


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