This summer I went to Hong Kong with my family. I went to see Jackie, but I got to see so many other things too. Here are a couple of my favorites.

The first favorite thing that I did on the trip was going to Victoria Peak. It was fun going up the really steep hill on the trolley. When you looked out the window, all the buildings looked like they were sideways. When we got to the lookout, you could see all the really tall buildings. But there were also lots of trees that you couldn't see when you were down in the city. The wax museum was up on Victoria Peak. You could stand next to all these famous people and see how tall they were compared to you without really meeting them. You could compare what they look like from there compared to on TV. I had my picture taken next to Hitler. He looked a lot like what I thought he would, but I thought he would be taller. I thought Jackie's wax figure was good except his skin looked too orange.
The shops at The Peak were cool too. The people in them were really nice. They had lots of cool stuff there like crystal hologram things and the chops. I bought some red pillowcases there that have Chinese characters on them.


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