by Katharine Schroeder

High above the shiny buildings of bustling downtown Hong Kong, Victoria Peak (known simply as "the Peak") is a place where cool breezes and magnificent views welcome visitors. In order to get to the Peak, most people ride the Peak Tram, a funicular (that means pulled by a cable) railway which has been operating since 1888. Riding on the Peak Tram is thrilling because on the way up you can see all the sights of Central get smaller and smaller as you climb higher and higher. And the climb! The Peak Tram runs at a very steep incline - you feel like you're riding straight up to the sky!

At the top of the Peak you can enjoy the views, shop, visit Jackie Chan's wax figure at Madame Tussaud's, or eat a wonderful meal. You can also feel a connection with Jackie since Victoria Peak is where he spent the first years of his life. Here's what Jackie had to say about the Peak in I Am Jackie Chan:

Thinking back to those few years living on the Peak, I'd have to say I was happy. I could have been content spending the rest of my life in that house, helping my mom fold clothes, watching my dad curse as he chopped vegetables, and explaining the world as I saw it to my friend the ambassador's daughter. Even the early morning workouts, as painful as they were, had a beautiful side: as the sun rose up over the mountain, it painted the city and the bay below in gold, like a giant chest of treasure.

to see a small photo album from the Peak.



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