Information on the Merge of The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids and the Jackie Chan International VIP Fan Club:

1. The Kids Club website is officially a part of, Jackie's official website. For now, there will be a link from Jackie's site to Click on "Kids Corner" at Jackie's official site.
2. The Kids Club website will remain unchanged right now. Eventually most of the content of the website will be reformatted and added to This will take some time.
3. The Kids Club stopped accepting new members/renewals some time ago. Present members of the club receive a FREE one year membership to Jackie's VIP club on the web. Login and password information is included in members' regular paper newsletter.
4. The Kids Club will continue to send members a paper newsletter in the mail until the end of their memberships. The Kids Club newsletter, The Little Dragon News, will eventually be available on the official site. The newsletter will continue to be written much like it is now with all features intact.
5. The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club for Kids will cease to exist in its present form. It has officially merged with Jackie's International VIP Fan Club on the web. No new members can sign up and no renewals will be activated. After your 1 year membership to the web-based VIP club, you will have the option of joining Jackie's new club on his official site.
6. The Kids Club (Kids Corner) will continue to sponsor terrific contests and accept drawings, stories, jokes, Jackie's Kids stories, etc.
7. The webmaster of has been hired as a staff member by the JC Group and will work under the umbrella of the official Jackie Chan website and the management of The JC Group.
8. Any questions, concerns, or requests for Kids Club member VIP club login information should be directed to Katharine Schroeder at

I hope this has cleared up any concerns that members have. On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone who sent me email and who supported me on the public forums. Your concern is very touching and I am thrilled that you like the Kids Club website enough to express your worries about its future. I am delighted at the recent turn of events. The elimination of the snail-mail aspect of the Kids Club will enable me to make the Kids Corner even better than before!