by Katharine Schroeder

The stars were shining brightly on the night of August 7th, 2003 and I'm not just talking about the stars in the sky! It was the Hong Kong premiere of Jackie's newest movie, The Medallion, and his fans were invited to rub elbows with some of the brightest stars in Hong Kong!

After being picked up by a beautiful coach bus, we were driven to the Hong Kong Convention Center where we would be viewing the premiere with Jackie himself in the audience. This is the Hong Kong Convention Center:

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When we arrived we were given a ticket and a program for the event:


We were awestruck by the beautiful stage that was set up to resemble a set from the movie. Playing on television monitors all around the vast room were scenes from The Medallion. Everyone was dressed up in their finest clothes - it was very elegant. Here is a photo of the Kids Club members up on the beautiful stage:

Here are some USA Fan Club members:


Among those gathered in the room were many famous faces from the Hong Kong cinema and music scenes. Even Papa Chan was there! He was walking around having his picture taken with just about anyone who had a camera ready. As usual he was joking around and smiling. He's a very funny guy. Here's Papa Chan hanging out with some friends:

Suddenly, a commotion at the entrance signaled Jackie's arrival. Camera flashes popped everywhere and people stood on their tip-toes trying to get a better look at Jackie. He came in waving and smiling, dressed in a beautiful white Chinese suit. He looked as excited to be there as the rest of us were! Jackie made an "official" grand entrance through the Medallion set:

Jackie went up on the stage and was presented with several awards:

Those of us who don't speak Chinese didn't understand much that was being said, but it was great fun to watch anyway.

Jackie and the other celebrities signed a giant Medallion poster. Here's Jackie's signature:

When the ceremony was over, everyone was invited into the theater to see the movie. The Medallion was terrific! For a review of the movie, you can click here.

After the movie we were shown back to our bus and taken to our hotels. It was a wonderful, exciting night of glamour, stars, and of course Jackie!

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