Matty is a 14 year-old fan from Australia. In June of 2005, he took a trip to Hong Kong and Mainland China and was kind enough to share his journal and photos with the Kids Corner. Enjoy reading about Matty's trip and seeing his beautiful photographs!

Hong Kong

Well I got up really early, getting ready to catch to train to Brisbane Airport, about an hour away from where I live. I was so excited and just wanted to get on the plane. After all the trouble I was finally on the plane and just started playing with the TV in front. It was a long and boring flight until we were just minutes away from landing at the Hong Kong International airport. Two kids near me were all excited too. It was so great to get out of the plane and start walking in a new country. When we went outside it was dark around 7 pm and we got in a bus which would take us to our hotel.

"The busy streets of Hong Kong were just amazing. Hong Kong has so many taxis - they were everywhere! See the red one!"


The bus ride was so fun I was out of my seat the whole time just looking at everything. The whole 360 degree view was amazing.
We didn't do that much that night as we were a bit tired and stressed. While I was in Hong Kong we went up to The Peak to see the great views, walked through Kowloon Park and went to almost every market place. I saw signs of Jackie everywhere and saw his new gym on Nathan Road. We also went on a tour which took in the New Territories and around Mongkok.

"Hong Kong busy night."

The Peak Tram station.


Hong Kong view [from Victoria Peak]


Outside Jackie's offices in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong bus.


Hong Kong taxis.






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