In his March 7th set diary entry Jackie said, "While working on this film, I think it's a good opportunity for me to teach you a few words in Thai. Everyday I will share either two words or phrases so that way you can learn along with me."

Here are Jackie's lessons taken from his Official Around the World in 80 Days set diary. Why don't you learn along with Jackie?

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March 7

When you say "hello," you should say, "sawadeeka" if you are a woman and "sawadeekup" if you are a man. Practice saying it in front of a mirror and when you come to Thailand, you can say it to anyone you meet. When you say this, you should put your two hands together and bow your head a little. This is the polite way of greeting people.

March 8:

kob koon ka - thank you (if you are a woman)
kob koon krub (if you are a man)

March 9:
The two new words:
la gorn ka – goodbye (if you are a woman)
la gorn krub (if you are a man)

March 10:
tao rai – How much?
pang - expensive

March 11:

A new word and a phrase:
mai pang – cheap
pai nai – Where are you going?

March 12:

The two new words:
nam ma praw – coconut juice
nam ma non pan – blended lemonade

March 13
The two new words:
cha pam yen – ice tea
kar fai yen – ice coffee

March 14:
The two new phrases:
pai doo nang – I’m going to see the movie
pai arb nam – I’m going to take a shower.

March 15:

The two new words:
tae mung - kick
sock mung – elbow punch

March 16:

The two new words are:
kai – chicken
nuea - beef

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