Here is a view of one of the harbors at Stanley.



Stanley is located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island. It used to be a quiet fishing village, but now it has been discovered by tourists and it is a really crowded place with stalls selling clothes, shoes, trinkets, and anything else you can imagine. There are restaurants there too. If you're not into shopping, you can still enjoy Stanley if you just walk away from the busy areas. There are beautiful beaches and views of the mountains. You can see old houses and narrow lanes where the local people are just going about their daily lives.

Some interesting looking buildings up one of the side streets.

There are a lot of restaurants in Stanley. This is one restaurant's idea of pizza. It may look good, but it was disgusting and didn't taste anything like pizza! It was also VERY expensive.


There are stalls selling everything you can imagine at Stanley Market. There is barely room to walk up the middle aisle and it is very hot! But some interesting treasures can be found down the narrowest corridors!


Some unique little homes right across from the beach at Stanley.

Here are some ladies playing mah jong. They were kind of mad about being photographed but since they were sitting right in the middle of a heavily traveled tourist area, they should probably have posted a sign if they didn't want their photo taken.

This little guy was stretched out right on the sidewalk under a tree. He had the right idea because it was VERY HOT out!




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