No, not the neighborhood where Jackie lives, but the neighborhood around his offices in Kowloon. There are many interesting things to see if you take a walk around the area: schools, homes, taxis (lots of taxis!), and hotels. In the park behind Jackie's offices there is a playground, a basketball court, a temple, and a lot of beautiful places to sit and enjoy nature in the middle of a bustling city. The park is so pretty that wedding photographers can be seen there nearly every day taking outdoor photos of brides in their white wedding dresses. Because it is a park, there is the inevitable graffiti on the walls. It got so bad (and so ugly) that Jackie hired artists to come in and make it look nice. It looks great now! Here are photos of Jackie's Neighborhood. Enjoy!

Here's the basketball court. It was a little too hot for basketball the day this photo was taken!

The playground. No kids - too hot to play that day!

Do you like to feed the birds? Well don't try it here because there's a big fine!

A tree along the path is bent over but thriving.

A bride has her wedding portrait done in the park.

Workers take good care of all the plantings. There is no garbage on the ground either.

A temple guarded by two stone lions. Every day people come to light incense and offer fruit.

Pigeons always find the best spots to nap! Can you see him sitting up there in the eaves of the temple?

This lion guards the entrance on the left...


...and his partner guards the right. Do you wonder why one lion is growling and the other isn't?


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