Hong Kong is made up of about 240 islands, the New Territories, plus the peninsula that is called Kowloon. The name Kowloon comes from the Chinese words for "nine" and "dragons." Legend says that the boy emperor Ping, who once lived there, noticed there were eight hills so he called them the "Eight Dragons." A servant pointed out that an emperor is considered to be a dragon, therefore the eight hills plus the emperor made "nine dragons."
Over two million people live on the Kowloon peninsula. It is connected to Hong Kong Island and other islands by ferries, tunnels, and railway.

Hong Kong Island as seen from the promenade at Tsim Tsa Tsui, Kowloon.


Lanterns line the promenade at Tsim Tsa Tsui in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Yes, even 7-11 has found its way to Hong Kong! Don't look for a coffee station here, though. There is a lady stationed behind a counter selling items such as fish balls and noodles, however.

Every morning this man fills the large silver pot with soup. People come by and drink their morning soup from pretty red and white glass bowls.

There are food stalls everywhere in Kowloon! This one is brand new.

The Hong Kong rail system - the MTR - is clean, safe, and fast. It is very easy to navigate and announcements are made in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. They even have television screens behind the sliding glass doors so you can watch while waiting for the trains to arrive.

A peek inside a "Public Light Bus." These little buses seat only 16 people at a time - no standing allowed! You must call out to the driver when you want him to stop. He will raise his hand up to acknowledge you.

One of the many alleys in Hong Kong. This one is very pretty with its canopy of trees.

Hong Kong has lots of politely worded signs posted all over the city.


"Mind the gap" is a very British way of saying "Be careful not to trip while getting on or off the train."



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