Around the World in 80 Days Getting Some Great Reviews!


"...a deliriously silly caper... a satisfying slice of old-fashioned storybook entertainment. It proudly insists on its own innocence."


"...a jolly comedy goofy fun, but that's what the ads promise, and the movie delivers."

" It's light as a fly, but springs some genuinely funny moments"


"Around the World in 80 Days" is a delightful surprise...not only amusing, but well-acted, and not only well-acted, but gorgeous. Micha Klein's animated transitions alone, which are used to signal each change in location, are wondrous and lovely to behold.


"Kids deserve an adventure movie like this, one that might inspire them to become junior inventors and ignite their interest in the world's many wonders."

" Chan is a bonafide movie star."


"Around The World finds a winning formula: Chan provides the action, various exotic lands serve up props begging to be employed in Chan-style combat, Coogan brings the dry wit, a minor constellation of surprise guest stars provides razzle-dazzle, and a steady stream of mild chuckles helps the whole fandango fly by painlessly."


"...the mere chance that its message or locales inspire [kids] just a little is worth the admission alone."



Congratulations to Jackie and everyone else involved with the movie. Check back here tomorrow for the Kids Corner Film Critic's review!